WATCH: Trailer For ‘The Choice’

Get ready to feel the feels with yet another Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation (though I’m told by my trusted site owner April that this is a good one!). The trailer for The Choice dropped today, and it’s not half bad. Plus, Teresa Palmer is in it and that fine lady is always a reason to get me to the movies. […]


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 2 Tickets On Sale Now

It’s official tributes! Get your tickets now for the final movie in The Hunger Games series. It’s no surprise that virtually every movie premieres on Thursday evenings now rather then having midnights on Thursday followed by a Friday release. This works nicely for fans who want to see it early, but can’t make it out to a midnight release. BUT […]


‘Futhermore’ by Tahereh Mafi Has a Home and a Release Date!

It’s no secret that we adore Tahereh Mafi, author of the amazing Shatter Me series. So it’s going to be no surprise that we are counting the days until her newest middle grade book Furthermore is in our hands on August 30, 2016! (333 days: 7 hours: and 53 minutes to be exact) Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads to get […]


Watch: ET Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes on ‘Allegiant’

Entertainment Tonight has a first look on the set of The Divergent Series: Allegiant where they talk about “the wall” and… well not much else. My first question, when did we stop calling it a fence and start calling it a wall? Since the announcement of the name change for the 4th movie, Ascendant, we’ve been having some fun with […]


Watch: New ‘Mockinjay Part 2’ Trailer ‘For Prim’

Lionsgate released the latest trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 2 and the fans are either sobbing uncontrollably or cringing at the cheesy montage that can barely be called a trailer. You be the judge: While this looks like a fanmade tribute video, and it left fans feeling cheated because it’s not a real trailer, it’s still something. This […]


‘Allegiant’ Teaser Trailer ‘Beyond the Wall’ is HERE!

We got some interesting news last week about The Divergent Series final movie: Ascendant. And now today something to bring our spirits up! The first teaser trailer for Allegiant has been released, and while the first half is just some Divergent and Insurgent recap, the last half is all new, and I have to say, it looks pretty sweet. Take […]


WATCH: New ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Trailer!

After going to Stephen Amell’s panel at Chicago Comic Con and listening to him hint at what’s to come in the fourth season of Arrow, it’s an understatement to say we were excited. A couple of weeks later, the CW released this trailer, and it was basically Christmas morning in September. Check it out: OLICITY. New suit. New villains (oh […]

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#Ave Text Talk with friends discuss “Allegiant and Ascendant”

Today we bring to you a very special post in our series of what we like to call “Text Talk”! Sometimes there is something big that happens in the entertainment industry and the girls here at Hashtag Ave like to talk it out… via group text. Tonight we invited some of our friends to play along as we discuss the […]


Allegiant posters + New Divergent Series title: Ascendant

Some shocking among the Divergent fandom this morning! MTV has exclusively announced that there will no longer be an Allegiant Part 2, because now the film has the new title of Ascendant. The news of this new title for the 4th film in The Divergent Series was accompanied by these 2 new posters which show us a new logo and […]


Watch: First Trailer For ‘The 5th Wave’

Today on Twitter ChloĆ« Grace Moretz shared the international sneak peak for ‘The 5th Wave’ – but if we’re being honest, this 2 min and 29 second long “sneak peak” is the first trailer, and you will find zero complaints here! This trailer is perfect. It shows us just enough stuff from the book to get us hyped about it […]


‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon Gets Optioned by MGM

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon hasn’t even been released yet (pick it up in stores Sept. 1st) and this beautiful book is already being optioned for a movie! This is that kind of news where you can’t help but smile for days. Everything Everything is one of those books that makes you feel every emotion on the spectrum, and without […]


WATCH: New Trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ Series 9!

Who’s ready for more adventures in time and space? We’re about a month away from the new series of Doctor Who and this new trailer has us hyped. Check it out: New monsters, new places, Missy, Maisie Williams, and of course, Daleks. While the trailer seems to show a lot of what’s to come, it also doesn’t hint at anything […]