Veronica Roth talked with Buzzfeed and shared 19 Things You Should Know About The “Divergent” Series.  Some things we already know (depending how far along you are in Allegiant) but most of this is just interesting “fun facts” about the writing process for different characters and a little bit about the movie.  Check out Buzzfeed for the whole interview.

What scene are you looking forward to the most in the movie?
VR: I’m looking forward to the fear landscapes. They’re going to be weird and hopefully creepy! I’m excited to see them.

Were you on set for any of those scenes?

VR: Yes, I was on set the day Shailene was in the tank and it was being filled with water. It was really intense and cool. I also saw the giant green screen room with the chair for the aptitude test. It was cool.

Are you more excited for the aptitude test or the final test [during Dauntless initiation]?

VR: I think the final test, because the fear aspect of it is what really interests me. There’s kind of a small horror element to it, and it will be fun to see.


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