We already know about Shailene’s “White Bird in a Blizzard” experiences at Sundance, but did you know that Miles Teller is there, too? (Well you should!) Apparently Teller is making a splash in the film “Whiplash”, in which he plays a jazz drummer. Vulture caught up with Teller at the festival to talk “Whiplash”, drumming, “Divergent”, and Shailene Woodley. Here’s what he had to say about the “Divergent” filming:

Now, for Divergent, your character Peter is the mortal enemy of the protagonist Tris [played by Shailene Woodley] and part of the Dauntless faction. Did you get to jump on and off trains a bunch?
Yeah, we ran and jumped on trains.


Did you actually?
Yeah. I think the train is going twelve miles per hour. I sent that video to all my buddies. Really good buddy of mine, he’s a Navy SEAL and I sent that video to him. Like, “Dude, check it out. What do you think? How’s my form?”


Is twelve miles per hour impressive?
Yeah. Tom Cruise only does seventeen.


Wait, you know this?
I was talking to the stunt guys. I was like, “This seems pretty quick. How fast can we go?” He was like, “You guys could probably go around fourteen. You don’t go over that. The top guys do seventeen, eighteen.”


So, what’s it like to work in this big-budget franchise, Divergent, with Shailene after spending all that time together as a couple in a tiny independent movie like The Spectacular Now?
We kind of have a shorthand now. In this whole world, this huge studio film schedule and this and that, we can — it’s just very playful. [Our] relationship is very playful. Also, it’s nice because I know I will see Shailene for certain months out of the year for hopefully the next few years. Because she’s a good friend of mine but she’s always freaking giving away all of her belongings and like, living in a tree, so it’s hard to wrangle her up.

Read the full article, including what else he has to say about working with Shailene here.

I cannot say enough how much I love interviews with this cast, and this shows why. Everyone is so playful and you can really tell how much Teller, like his cast-mates, loves what he does and who he works with. I especially love reading about how much the actors enjoy working together.

Have you heard about “Whiplash”? Are you going to see it? What do you think about the relationship between our favorite Tris and not-so-favorite Peter? Let us know in the comments!

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