If you’ve seen or read interviews with Shailene Woodley, you know she is a kinda free-spirited and a health junkie for sure.  Kpopstarz reveals 5 “Fast Facts” including: She has no problem working as a nanny. and She forages wild foods and even creates her own face oils.

Though she has the right to shop for glitzy things, Woodley prefers to maintain an alternative lifestyle. Most of the things that she uses are hand-made:

“I think everything about my lifestyle is fairly alternative. I gather my own spring water from mountains every month. I go to a farm to get my food. I make everything from my own toothpaste to my own body lotions and face oils. I could go on for hours,” she told Flaunt.

As for her meals, she prefers a plant-based diet:  “I make my own medicines; I don’t get those from doctors. I make my own cheese and forage wild foods and identify wild plants. It’s an entire lifestyle. It’s appealing to my soul.”

Read the full article HERE and who knows maybe you have something in common?!

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