Tonight we are saying goodbye to Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. Since TVD is one of our favorite shows this is going to be hard… and to be honest we’re a little worried about the future of the show.


So in the shower this morning I was searching my brain for shows that lost their lead to soon, and what their fate was. There are 5 of them that stand out, from this century anyway (spoiler alert):

1. The Office: ended 2 seasons after losing mc

There were two pretty successful seasons after Steve Carell aka Michael Scott left The Office near the end of season 7, but was it ever really the same without him? No… it really wasn’t.


2. The O.C.: ended 1 season after losing mc

As much as I loved Kaitlin Cooper the show just didn’t have the same feel to it after Mischa Barton aka Marissa Cooper was killed off. I adored The O.C., but I can honestly say that I don’t remember much of what happened during the 4th and final season. Nothing felt the same.


3. Scrubs: ending 1 season after (kinda) losing mc

We know Zach Braff aka John Dorian (JD) didn’t totally leave Scrubs, but the season 8 finale, titled “My Finale”, made us feel like we were losing him for good. Personally I didn’t get more than three or four episodes into season 9, the final season, but from what I’ve read JD is in the season for 6 episodes. Regardless, the show had it’s own new main characters and it just never should have happened.


4. Two and a Half Men: ended 4 seasons after losing mc

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Two and a Half Men lasted the longest after losing Charlie Sheen aka Charlie Harper and being replaced by Ashton Kutcher. I remember watching the show when Angus Jones’ character was a little boy, but the show never stuck with me. However it was hard to miss the whole scandal behind Sheen’s rehab and getting fired from the show. I can’t say if it was better or worse without him, but it made it to 12 seasons, so that has to say something.


5. That 70’s Show: ended 1 season after losing mc

This one hit me right in the feels. Eric and Donna were one of my OTP’s and they killed it. Not only did Topher Grace aka Eric Forman leave the show before it’s terrible 8th and final season, but after only a few episodes Ashton Kutcher aka Kelso left too. They both came back for the series finale, which was great, but Eric leaving was pretty much the equivalent of a steamroller smashing my heart.

THAT '70s SHOW: The special one-hour premiere of the eighth season of THAT '70s SHOW airs Wednesday, Nov. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Front row L-R: Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon, Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis.  Second row L-R: Josh Meyers,  Debra Jo Rupp, Tommy Chong, Don Stark,  Kurtwood Smith.
Bonus round!

6. Game of Thrones: will probably go on forever and keep killing people

Now, we know that there really isn’t a main character on Game of Thrones, but if you were anything like me you didn’t read the books before this series started, and given all the “Winter is Coming” promo for the show I honestly thought Ned Stark (Sean Bean) was the MC. Well, I learned that he definitely wasn’t the MC once his head was cut off and rolling on the ground… yeah. No character is safe on GoT. Right now I would have to say Jon Snow is the current main character, so who knows how long he has to live. Who knows how long any of them have to live. So cherish them while they are alive. (I wish someone would’ve told me to cherish Rob Stark more :'()


So will The Vampire Diaries survive without Nina? I have absolutely no clue. I’m keeping hope alive and remaining calm until we see how season 7 goes. If we think about it, there have been some less than great seasons with Elena, so maybe one without her won’t be so bad? Oh who am I kidding… they’re killing Delena

(next week you’ll probably hear me rant about SPN too)

What do you think the fate of The Vampire Diaries will be after losing Elena? Tune in tonight to see just how they are going to kill us all with uncontrollable feels… oh and here, have this tribute vid that is sure to make you cry:

(ps. that's not rain... those are my tears)
(ps. that’s not rain… those are my tears)
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