It took forever for these to upload but we hope you enjoy all the video’s we were able to get of Veronica’s Q&A session on her Allegiant Tour before our memory card filled up! I tried to have as steady hand as possible! Following the page break you will find more video’s and a transcript of our tweets from that night! We had such a FUN night that night, The mood was awesome and Veronica was very down to earth. If you missed our post with all of our pictures… CLICK HERE! Otherwise, Enjoy!

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Veronica Roth Reading an excerpt from a Future “Four’s Short Stories”, She did not say which one but that it was after choosing Dauntless!

TWEET TRANSCRIPT! Please excuse Typo’s!

*Veronica is reading a segment from one of the Four’s short stories.

*Someone is breaking into Four’s apartment and leaving him notes.

*Tobias seeing Evelyn after Dauntless initiation.. Excerpt being read from one of Four’s short stories.
*Veronica Roth reading a segment from one of the Four’s short stories (video)
*Getting ready to watch the Divergent Movie Trailer
*LOTS of screams for Theo James
*Is there a message VR wants directed to people? She doesn’t believe in preaching to people that read her books.
*First memory to get the ball rolling for Divergent: First 30 pages from Tobias POV, computer ate them.
*Inspiration for Caleb and his actions: Tris needed a brother lol, he continues to evolve and surprise.
*Planning any new books? Working on the short stories, as far as future, loves writing YA and genre.  Lots of ideas and needs sleep.
*Why didn’t she have the flash drive destroyed at the end of Divergent: She didn’t know what she was going to do with it.
*What inspired Tris and Tobias: “my will is mine, I will not make it soft for you for” inspiration for Tris.
*Tobias started as the man version of her.. but hotter, becomes bad ass.
*Take away from series as author: Readers are the best!  Enthusiasm of readers will keep her writing.
*Every character holds a little bit of VR.
*Veronica Roth came up with Dauntless first as far as factions go.
*Evelyn is one of VR favorite characters.
*VR favorite color is grey.
*What made her think of the serums: Didn’t come up with it all at once, simulation was first.  Every faction should have a serum to correlate.
*Tris can defeat things when she wants to bad enough concerning the serums.
*VR looking very Dauntless tonight
*Does VR ever get writers block? Yes and she tries to diagnose it.  Sometimes you also just need a random task.
*Did she think Divergent would be made into a movie or have a fandom: No! Didn’t think anyone would read it ever.  Wrote in her Rubber ducky pj’s!
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