Twitter: @abookishbabe
Position: Site Owner/Editor In Chief
Bio:Fangirl probably isn’t even the word to accurately describe me. I like to say that I am what my husband calls me, Passionate. When I like something, and feel strongly for it, whether its a book, my faith, my family or my friends, there’s pretty much nothing you can do to sway me from my “passion” for that particular thing. Some may call this obsessive. Maybe. But that’s why I decided to put my effort in something I’m passionate about to hopefully bring joy to others. I have worked for various online entertainment blogs over the past few years including twilightish.com, justjmac.com, sandwichjohnfilms.com and ShelftoScreen.com. I previously owned Divergent fan site, TrisandFour.com and multi entertainment fan site MainstreamPassionista.com! To tell you a little about myself, I am forever 21 at heart. I married my high school sweetheart Chris and we have 3 wild and crazy but sweet daughters. I’m a Nor Ca girl… Because well, it’s pretty and we have cleaner air… Things I love in no particular order: Starbucks, K Stew, Divergent, Reading, Movies, Paul Wesley, Disneyland, Traveling, Chocolate, Kellan Lutz, Pretty Little Liars, My BFF’s, Starbucks, Texting, Reading, Disneyland, Theodore Finch, Shopping, Toms, Ray Bans, Hair, Makeup, Hashtags, SF Giants, The Vampire Diaries, Tattoos, Boots, Sparrows, Brandon Crawford, Autumn, Kristen Stewart, Little Women, My Air Purifier, Scarves, Anchors, Curling Irons, Caramel, boots, and lastly THEO JAMES.


Twitter: @ferferlina
Position: Admin/Blogger/Correspondant
Bio: I’m a total fangirl at heart and living the lie that I am actually an adult.  My favorite things to fangirl over are reading, music and movies.  I like blasting the music while driving, shirtless hot guys, TV shows that get cancelled, nail polish and the SF Giants. I love spending time with friends and family, singing, Jesus, and crocheting.I have so many “passions” : Divergent, Outlander, SF Giants, TVD, Twilight, The Originals, OUAT, Disney, PLL, Chicago Fire and anything else that peaks my interest!!  I will read almost anything but I love dystopian and futuristic novels.  The current trend of YA book to movie adaptations is the best, I love seeing books I’ve read come to life onscreen.


10540236_919944584704266_186502078_nTwitter: @kyliekaemke
Position: Admin/Blogger
Bio: Hi hi hi! Right now I’m 26, but since I’m not a vampire I’m forever aging. I have an unhealthy obsession with Divergent, and with obsessions to be honest. I like being crazy and fangirly about things, and I’m passionate about a lot of things. My life as a movie theater manager/writer/wife/blogger/self published author/fangirl/student can get pretty hectic, but I try to keep all those things balanced well. I’m a lover of so many things, so we should have a pretty good time here, and if you want more come follow me on tumblr, I’m weird there.


Favorite Divergent Character: Tobias Eaton. I’m sorry if that’s cliched, but he is just such an impressive character that he’s all I can think of while I read the Divergent books. He’s my all time favorite YA characters along with Peeta Mellark and Alex Sheathes.


IMG_1728Position: Blogger                                                                                                              Bio: I’m a Freshman in High School and a Fangirl in training. I’m unhealthily obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy, Goldfish and my two cats Violet and Dinah. I’m a total #DisNerd and am obsessed with anything having to do with Disney, Walt Disney and Disneyland… You get the idea. My passion is acting and I’m actively involved in my High School Theater Department. I hate to read but do it anyway because I need to know what happens to characters like America Singer and  Juliette Ferrars.




Staff Pic Twitter: @lydialague
Position: Blogger
Bio: I’m a 21 year old college student and movie theater employee aspiring to be a television writer. Before my ideas can come to life on the small screen, I have to do some research, which is my excuse for watching a lot of TV. My one true love is and always will be LOST, but some other favorites are Parks and Rec, Arrow, The Flash, Once Upon a Time, Castle, Doctor Who, Agents of SHIELD, Grey’s Anatomy, and Sense8. I’m also a huge movie and book fangirl; a few obsessions include Marvel and DC, Disney, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Lord of the Rings. Come follow me on tumblr to see how nerdy I truly am.


395811_10150541219298365_1113238767_nPosition: IT/Web design, April’s go to Guy

Bio: Derek Tipton is an independent business & multimedia consultant. Advise, Direction, Solutions.

He also answer’s April’s frantic web related texts at all hours of the day and has helped design our awesome webpage! We wouldn’t look quite as good without him! He is also too modest to admit he is an awesome photographer! Check his work out here: http://www.derektiptonphotography.com/blog/



Twitter: @cccrain2
Position: Graphic Designer/ Husband Extraordinaire
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