Hi my binge-y friends! Welcome to the final part of my Degrassi Next Class binge, if you haven’t check out part one yet you can do that now right here!


So I finished the remaining 5 episodes in season 1 of Degrassi on Netflix, and it was full of all the necessary drama I expected from my favorite over the top high school after school special. There was betrayal, sex, violence, racism, drug over doses, and so much more. Yes all this happened in 5 short episodes. That is the magic that is Degrassi.

Before I go on, I want to send a shout out to another favorite teenage drama, which is also on the flix, and that is Skins. The UK version, not the shitty MTV version. Skins UK is like Degrassi on crack. There’s more hardcore EVERYTHING! Plus Kaya Scodelario (The Maze Runner) plays Effy Stonem and she’s just the best. Oh and Nicholas Hoult is Tony Stonem, and he’s also just the best. This show is great. And it will be great to binge when you’re done with Degrassi! You’re welcome 😉


Back to the last half of Degrassi Next Class. So as I said, the season finishes just as a Degrassi season should, with major drama bombs being dropped left and right. I’ll do a quick ep rundown again:

#NotAllMen – The feminist club gets a little out of hand in this one. Again I don’t want to get into what’s right and what’s not, but trying to shut down the gamer club for being “misogynistic” was just a bit ridiculous for me to swallow. But that’s what happens. Oh and Zoe struggles some more with being gay, and she tries to find her dad for some guidance.


#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin – Epic drama bomb in this episode. EPIC! Zoe goes a bit haywire after Grace comes clean and tells her she isn’t gay. But Maya and Jonah get to go to New York to play for a big music producer, so that’s something.  And you gotta love the little Netflix bomb drop in this ep when Grace pretty much is trying to get her Netflix and chill on… but just an actual chill cause she’s not into Zoe…


#TeamFollowBack – Maya starts getting trolled on the internet for her involvement in the feminist club, which is so so not cool. Tristan gets a little STI scare and has to tell all the lovely boys he’s been with lately.

#SinceWeBeinHonest – Zig finds out who is behind Maya’s online harassment, but is blackmailed into keeping quiet… but the truth always comes out doesn’t it? Miles and Esme have drama, and it’s bad, poor babies. And of course the big dance, the Snow Ball, is right around the corner!


#SorryNotSorry – The season finale wasn’t quite as dramatic as I would’ve hoped for, but a gun was brought to the dance… so that’s pretty epic.

Overall, this was a solid season. I would’ve liked to have seen it be a little longer, but I’ll take what I can get. And season 2 is at least coming in 2016! We don’t know when yet, but still, 2016!!

the best Netflix tip I can offer you right now is to take a day, close the curtains, curl up with something comfy, surround yourself with snacks, and binge season 1 of Degrassi Next Class. It’s quick, fun, and I promise you’ll be thanking me!


Hope you enjoyed this segment, if there’s anything you think you’d like to see more or less of, let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter where I’ll tweet now and again during my binges, and maybe some sweet sweet Netflix suggestions as well. Binge on my friends!

Up next on my Netflix Bingventures is the popular British tv show Black Mirror, so watch out for that one soon!

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