We are ALL very excited for Allegiant.  I know what is going to happen to most of you on Tuesday.

1) You get that book in your hot little hands and you feel like your world is FINALLY complete then drive home OR for you high-tech people: you just sit there and smile because you pre-ordered on your Nook/Kindle etc (and laugh at those who had to put pants on to get their book)

2) You consider calling in sick to work while you ignore the world for 12 hours so you can read it straight through (don’t lie I’m the same way)

3) Have **insert violent emotion here** reaction while you read

4) You are finally done and now you need to re-hash it out with someone but who?  Your other friends didn’t call in sick, they are only on chapter 10 or *gasp* they haven’t even started yet!  What shall you do next?

5) You turn to social media and you begin to type your emotions to the world.  Here is where we challenge you to STOP and think about what you are doing. Do you want to make the fandom cry when you spoil them?  You do not!

DivergentOfficial has saved us all with some dos and don’ts for sharing after reading.


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