HUGE Thanks to Divergent Fan’s for doing all the hard work for us!! Here is a list of all the Allegiant events in the next few days!!

TrisandFour will be covering the New York event and the San Francisco event!!


‘Allegiant’ is the long awaited conclusion to the ‘Divergent Trilogy’ and we want you to be prepared and informed over the next couple of days for all the events that are happening online and near you!  So here is a master list of events and we will continue to update if more pop up.


1. Be prepared for TWO points of view. In case you haven’t heard, ‘Allegiant’ is alternating between Tris’s and Four’s narrative.  Every chapter isn’t perfectly alternating and originally Veronica almost wrote from Caleb’s POV instead of Tobias.  Read about that here.


2.  Get updated with all the ‘Allegiant’ quotes that have been release so far here.


3. What are you looking forward to in ‘Allegiant’?  The Divergent Lexicon and Divergent Fans have started a podcast.  Our very first episode talks all about what several Divergent fans are excited to see in the next installment.  Listen to it here.  I’m the very last recorded message!


4.  Tonight you can read along with Veronica Roth at 11:59 pm tonight as she read the 1st chapter of ‘Allegiant’.  We have confirmed with HarperCollins that the video will go live at 11:59 PM EDT on


5.  Find a ‘Allegiant’ MIDNIGHT RELEASES PARTY near you.  Master list of parties here.


6. Roth is going on a four-city tour.  If you are going to a tour stop we would love to share your photos and videos!  Email them to Stop 1: New York City 10/22 at 6:00 PM.


7. NBC’s TODAY will feature Roth during its second hour on Wednesday, October 23. The show airs between 7 – 9 AM.  Check for times in your area.  We’ll post any livestreams/video made available!


8. Epic Reads is dedicating their Tea Party to Allegiant on Wednesday, October 23 at 3:45 PM ET. It will include an exclusive video from Roth!


9. iBooks is hosting a Twitter chat with Roth on Wednesday, October 23 at 6 PM ET



10. Roth Tour stop 2:  Dallas 10/23 at 7:00 PM.


11. Veronica Roth will be joining Very VH1 spreecast this Thursday, October 24th at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST, to discuss her new book Allegiant, the upcoming Divergent movie and to answer your questions!


12. Roth Tour stop 3: San Francisco 10/24 at 7:00 PM.


13. Roth Tour Stop 4: Downer’s Grove, IL 10/26 at 3 PM ET. Submit questions and see more details here!


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