What are your Allegiant release night plans?


I hope to get the book in my hands as quickly as possible, then stay up all night reading… however, I don’t want to miss listening to author, Veronica Roth, read the first chapter online…

At 11:59 p.m. on October 21, the official Divergent Tumblr page will share a pre-taped video of author Veronica Roth reading the first chapter of Allegiant (“a little taste,” she said).

It is a short chapter, apparently three pages long, told from Tris’ point of view.

“I wanted to start the last of the series with her voice…They’re mostly alternating by chapter, but not exclusively” -Roth

Fans will get to see Tris and Four’s relationship develop more in this book Roth says,

“In the other books, they haven’t really gotten the chance to get much closer because they’ve just been running around all the time”

I can’t wait to see how everything plays out…. Is it October 22 yet?

Many bookstores across the country will be doing some fun activities to celebrate the book release.

To help stores throw parties, Harper Collins sent kits with pins and booklets for booksellers and also created sharable graphics and a countdown widget. But even without these extras, fans and retailers are already primed for the release.

There are a number of celebrations popping up across the country, if you go to one please send us photos to share with other readers!





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