We got some interesting news last week about The Divergent Series final movie: Ascendant. And now today something to bring our spirits up! The first teaser trailer for Allegiant has been released, and while the first half is just some Divergent and Insurgent recap, the last half is all new, and I have to say, it looks pretty sweet. Take a look:

Just from this tease alone we can imagine that our favorite band of misfits doesn’t happily walk out of the newly opened gate like the end of Insurgent wanted us to believe. Whether they still stop to form an allegiant is still unknown, but at least we know that they still plan to escape on their own by going over the wall. [[SPOILER]] And it won’t take a detective to conclude that a certain someone isn’t going to make it far beyond the wall just like in the book…

At first glance this trailer is promising what these movies have promised from day 1, a good ride. We’re still unsure about this Ascendant business and for the moment we’re treading lightly. We don’t want to have our hopes brought up only for something terrible to bring us down. But we can still have fun with it and speculate among the fandom, like we did in last week’s Text Talk,  check it out here.

We know what we think, but we want to hear from the initiates! What did you guys think of the first teaser trailer for Allegiant? Let us  know in the comments below and follow us on Twitter (@hashtagave) and Instagram (@hashtagave) to join the conversation.

Also, check enjoy these screen caps from the new Allegiant part of the trailer <4

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