The 1st stop in the Allegiant Tour was 92Y in NYC tonight with Veronica Roth, Ansel Elgort and Christian Madsen and we were able to attend! Check out our Twitter feed for a play by-play or you can click below for the re-cap.


Moderator and Audience Questions for
Veronica Roth:
How has the
twitter experience been for her?  
The use of twitter can be fun and she likes it, but it
also can be consuming and it’s really difficult to keep up with
while on tour.
What was VR’s
favorite scene or scene she was most excited to see in the
‘Divergent’ film? Followed up with did your fear of heights be used
for Tobias and when did she realize she was afraid of heights.
The Ferris Wheel was
her favorite scene to see. Both Shailene and Theo were really
scaling up it. Her fear of heights was used for Tobias in the
story. She realized her fear of heights in high school because
people had an affinity to go to amusement parks and roller coasters
frightened her.
What is your favorite character in the
books and whose death was the hardest on her in the first two
books? Her favorite character overall. Any character similarities
or inspirations from people she knows or are based off of her.
She has love for all
of her characters. Has more affection and protection towards the
‘mean’ ones. It sounded like she stated the hardest death to deal
within the first two books was ‘Will.’ Also, the audience screamed
‘Will’ while she was talking. It was hard for her to narrow down a
favorite character overall, but Tobias namesake was based of an Ann
Mills character (unsure about the author’s name because
folks were talking in the audience)
. And Tris is similar
to her mother.
Who were you excited to meet in the cast?
And who was excited to meet you?  
Best part was
meeting Kate Winslet, she played it cool while talking to her, but
started to laughed hysterically afterwards. Christian Madsen was
the most animated upon meeting her. They both later discussed how
they both ‘fangirled’ over each other upon meeting. She also
realizes she was quite tall when meeting the cast, often time folks
appear larger on-screen than in person and she really saw that when
meeting the cast.
Did she plan to release Allegiant on
10/22/12013 because it ends up equaling 4 and 6?
No, it was just a coincidence. People often
ask her if she purposely introduced certain characters in certain
4th or 6th chapters and she likes that people thinks she is so
clever, but they are just coincidences.
Was the ending of
‘Allegiant’ what she planned? And how many people saw the book
before it was finally submitted?  
She was happy
with the ending and it was how she originally planned it. Outside
of her editor and such 3 or 4 people saw the book before
If she could cast an actor to play her in
the film, who would it be?  
Even though she
isn’t like Emma Stone, it would be cool for Emma to play her.
Whoever plays her needs to be tall. The film would basically be her
typing all the time.
What books is she excited to read,
reading, or recommend?
Excited to read: The Legend Series
and the Starglass Sequel. Recommends: Enforcement Series by Arhur
Nix and Shadow and Bone.
What does she plan to do now that the
Divergent series is done?  
Take a series of really
long naps and go on vacation.
Canada, she loves
How did the costumes and styles compare in
the film ‘Divergent’ to what she described in the book.
Costumes and styles were
presented in the film quite well.
Do you write
drafts for your books, if so how many, and do you keep them?
She wrote 7 drafts for
‘Divergent’ and the rough drafts were terrible, but she does a lot
of revisions and she saves all drafts.
Is there a prequel
Closet to a prequel is the
4 short stories for Tobias. 3 will be prior to ‘Divergent’ and the
4th will overlap with ‘Divergent.’
On a scale of 1 to
4, how hot is Theo James? 
I’m not going to answer
that! (However, the audience screamed
When you meet people do you place them in
factions? And which factions would you place these individuals in..
Shailene: Amity, she is ecofriendly, health conscious,
vegan who loves to hug everyone. Beyonce: Her own, Sasha
Lady Gaga: Dauntless.
Would you rather
have this vs. that?
Coke vs.
Pepsi – Coke
Chocolate vs. Vanilla –
MAC vs. PC – PC
Ketchup vs. Mustard – Ketchup
vs. Aliens – Aliens
Sci-fi vs. Fantasy –
Adult vs. YA – YA
Roller Coaster vs. Ferris Wheel – Neither, but would
panic less on Ferris Wheel
Tris had to have
a stuffy name that cold be shortened to a tough name.
Google Searches
include how to make a bomb, what bullet wounds kill

Questions for Christian and Ansel:

Favorite scene, are you similar to
your character, how was jumping from the train, their experience on

 Favorite scene was the dining hall
scene and he is very much like his character. When he had to do the
train scene his fear was his pants splitting because Candor’s
clothing is a bit tight. So when he jumps he actual knocked into
the person in front of him (it sounded like Miles) and lo and
behold he split his pants and Miles never let him hear the end of
Ansel Elgot: Favorite scene
was between him and Shailene. It was Caleb’s and Beatrice last
night in Abgentation. It was very beautiful, important, and very
realistic scene. He feels Caleb is very driven, idealistic, and
doesn’t realize he is going down the wrong path. Ansel feels he is
very driven as well, but hopefully he isn’t going down the wrong
path. He also stated that he was a bit of an outcast on set because
his scenes weren’t shot with the majority of the cast.
Upon arriving on
stage Christian Madsen apologized to the audience that him and
Ansel were not Shailene and Theo.
Ansel made mention that ‘Divergent’ is all about
him, like he did at SDCC.
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