Buzzfeed spoke with Ansel Elgort about whats its like to be suddenly shoved into the limelight.  The changes his life has gone through from before Divergent until now, post The Fault in Our Stars and now he has a new movie Men, Women & Children coming out October 17th.

“When I was doing this movie, my life was very normal,” Elgort told BuzzFeed News. “No one knew who I was, and that was awesome. Nobody. Then Divergent came out, and still not very many people knew who I was. There was hype around Fault in Our Stars, so a few people [did]. Then Fault came out. You know, the movie’s made, like, $300 million worldwide, more than Divergent. And then it was like everyone [knew me] — every young person in the world. I went to Paris. Every young person I passed on the street knew who I was. Which is nuts. Around the world.”

Read the full article HERE and watch a clip from Men Women & Children.

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