So Apple had it’s annual key note today… and sadly, the iPhone 6 was NOT announced. However another new operating system for it’s products was. iOS8. Hopefully this new software will fix a lot of the bugs that iOS7 had. Now I’m pretty technologically savvy for a chick (aka the husband usually asks ME to fix things on his iPad or iPhone etc). But I don’t want to get into all the little details of the new software, I just want to share with you the things that I myself am pretty excited for and will use in every day life!

The first being a better keyboard and predictive text.  One of the few things I missed about my android was this. You know, because we are SO lazy now as a generation that it’s so much effort to actually type out the words… “Supposedly” the new engine learns how you write and can predict what you are going to say AND the context of whom you are writing too. Sounds pretty smart. We’ll see how this goes. ios82

iMessage is getting a bit of an overhaul. You will now have the ability to mute messages. PTL No more unwanted Group Texts. You know the group texts that you started out talking on but it quickly turned into a conversation between two other people that concerns you in NO WAY? Well. That can be fixed now! Woot! Also they are adding a “snap chat” type feature… W audio and video? Not sure how this will work but they are smart to get in on that game. ios81

Siri is getting song recognition… Aka Shazaam. This is awesome for me. I use that stupid app ALL the time. So I’m excited for that! Also for those of you that have bluetooth in your car and what not, when you plug it in or get in and it connects.. it’s always listening, You can just say “Hi Siri” and proceed with your instructions. WITHOUT touching the home button.. which is also sort of creepy. ios83

There are some other cool features such as Handoff and features for those with the iPhone 5S which I do not have… so I didn’t really pay that much attention! Ha! What do you think about the new features? Cool? Or not?

iOS8 will be released “In the Fall”…..

To learn MORE about the key note today…. Click HERE which is where I got all the awesome pictures from!

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