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Arrow has acquired two new cast members for it’s 3rd season. If you remember, the end of season 2 shows Oliver heading to Hong Kong after his time on the Island. This was inevitably going to lead to more flashbacks. Two main characters for said flashbacks have been cast! Via TV line:

Karl Yune has landed the major recurring role of Maseo Yamashiro, who will be introduced in flashbacks as Oliver’s handler. Over time, he also will evolve into a teacher and a friend who helps Oliver step ever closer to becoming the superhero he is today.

Maseo is the husband of Tatsu Yamashiro aka DC Comics superheroine “Katana” (to be played by Sin City‘s Devon Aoki), and is a skilled martial artist in his own right.


Sounds pretty interesting and great! I admittedly am not a huge fan of the Arrow flashbacks (Or Olivers wig) but maybe these Hong Kong ones will grab my attention a little bit more! What do you guys think?

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