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Today we bring to you a very special post in our series of what we like to call “Text Talk”! Sometimes there is something big that happens in the entertainment industry and the girls here at Hashtag Ave like to talk it out… via group text. Tonight we invited some of our friends to play along as we discuss the news that was announced today about The Divergent Series Allegiant Part 1 and 2… or should we say “Ascendant”. 

We invited Meg from Swoony Boys Podcast/ Divergent Lexicon, along with JJ from along with April, Kylie, Jen and Lydia from # to discuss our feels about this announcement! Hope you enjoy! Please join in on the conversation and let us know what YOU think! Caution: SPOILERS are ahead!

Upon Hearing the news of “Ascendant” what was everyone’s first thought. And GO: 

Kylie: The Vampire Diaries….

Jen: Why do we have to keep confusing the fans?

April: YES Kylie!! Maybe Kai will be in Ascendant? I’m ALL good with Chris Wood making an appearance. He would make a way better Villain then… wait. Who is our Villain again? 

JJ: My thought was “Ascending”? We know Tris is ascending…. to heaven?

IMG_5699 2
See. Chris Wood is literally HOLDING the Ascendant. #FANDOMSCOLLIDE

Kylie: Uh, Yes Please! I guess David is the Villain? 

Jen: Chris Wood can’t play him because he’s supposed to be Tris’ mom’s age 🙁

Lydia: My first thought was “Why”? lol

April: My first thought was basically “This looks like fan art, and another rumor”

JJ: I think the poster tagline might be our hint “The end is never what you expect”



April: According to this definition I still really have no clue where they are going with this: 


JJ: The reactions on Twitter and Instagram were so mixed, from “I love it!” to “Wtf?!?” 

April: I feel like it’s giving the fandom false hope… AKA Tris won’t die… But yet everyone NOW seems upset that it could be a possibility, even though that’s all everyone has complained about for 2 years. 

Kylie: I think splitting the book was the first mistake… but I guess it’s the thing to do… I guess? 

JJ: Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t

Kylie: Tris is the new President Snow!

April: Maybe Gus and Tris will meet in Heaven? Haha 



Kylie: Tris needs to die. Bottom Line. 

Lydia: Ascendant just sounds like it applies to one person when all the other titles apply to a group. It unifies people and I feel like Ascendant is just out of place. 

Kylie: If I had never read the books I would be crazy excited about this news, because the movies are good. 

Lydia: I agree! 

Jen: I think it’s great that they are making 2 movies personally… I don’t think they gave that much “outside the wall” time in the book. 

April: Because it was BORING!!!

JJ: WHich is why they are having all these “exciting changes” because there isn’t much to work with in the book to make 2 movies out of.


April: It wasn’t the greatest book. Boring. Jumbled. Four didn’t sound like Four. Nita was the worst. I love this series as a whole but Allegiant left a lot to be desired.

Kylie: I agree with you! Allegiant could have been better. I wanted to see more of the world and less about genetics and whether or not Four was gonna hook up with Nita. 

April: My biggest question right now is at what point does “Allegiant” turn into “Ascendant”? And what are these “exciting changes”? Which movie will they happen in? And will Shai even be in Ascendant? Where will they split this? 

Kylie: Even if she wasn’t going to be in it though, she’ll be credited somehow. Possibly flashbacks like Tony Goldwyn and Ashley Judd. They wouldn’t do something that dumb.

JJ: As long as these changes do not include Four! 

Jen: Don’t crush my dreams! Maybe Four will Ascend and find a new lady? 

April: What do we think of the possibility that this could expand the Epilogue?? 

Kylie: The problem with Allegiant was that it didn’t sound like it fit in the world of Divergent. 

YES! Expand the Epilogue!!

Lydia: Ohhhhh April that’s a good question! Even though the Epilogue is so sad, I would love to see more of Four on his own. 

Jen: Maybe seeing where Peter went?

April: The rumors are swirling that it could possibly lead us into a Four/Christina relationship- which I’m in no way okay with. 

Jen: NO!!!!!

JJ: I don’t see Theo/Zoe Chemistry

Kylie: If we’re going to see more of Four without Tris, I’d rather see his relationship develop with his mother… but no one needs a Four/Christina ship. I don’t even want to glorify it with a ship name. 

Jen: Ditto

April: Exactly

JJ: #Fourtina?? haha


Kylie: STOP NO! 

Lydia: I think it’s important for Four and Christina to grow separately after they’ve lost Tris and their other friends. They can be there for each other but they don’t need to be romantic to do so. 

Meg: If we get more Four, meaning more Theo, I’m okay with this “extra content” decision. But if Tris’ fate doesn’t change, I DO NOT want to see a relationship between Four and Christina, or Four and anyone else begin. As a fangirl, as a female and as a lover of these books and characters I think we could make a list a mile long of why that would be wrong. 

April: Preach it Meg! AGREED!  I STILL have issues with the fact that in the Insurgent movie practically the WHOLE city was fleeing to the fence at the end. WHO FORMS THE ALLEGIANT THEN? 

JJ: They get to the fence and get sent back…. I think

Lydia: Yes April! That’s what I was thinking too! 

Jen: In the book Amity was outside the fence and not so much in the movie so I could see them being sent back maybe? 

Kylie: Allegiant opens on the fence. Tris walks out in front of everyone. She puts out her hands. “Everyone Stop!” she shouts. “Let’s form an Allegiant before we go out there!” 

April: After she has changed into her boot cut camo pants because she is determined to bring 2005 back… 


Lydia: Yesssss! Write it Kylie!

Kylie: My script has Edward in it. 

JJ: Tris says “Stop Everyone! I’m going to ascend to the other side of the fence!” 

I really do think they’ll dive more into Peter’s character because he’s a fan fave. 

April: God I hope not. Miles Teller doesn’t deserve to be anymore a part of this series than he already is. Yup I said it. 

JJ: But they love Miles

April: He’s bashed it enough… sick of him. 

Jen: Since Tris is dying they need to do more character development for the other characters… Shauna, Johanna, Zeke, Amar etc. They didn’t really do a good job introducing side characters in Insurgent. 

Kylie: AMAAAAAR <3

April: Um or Divergent! Hello Edward! 

Kylie: Like throwing Uriah in out of the blue and he and Tris were already so chummy…

April: They won’t. They don’t care about side characters. We didn’t even GET a Uriah until Insurgent. 

Lydia: Yeah like are they even going to kill Uriah when we barely met him in Insurgent? 

JJ: Yeah there is NO chemistry there! 

April: It won’t matter if they do or not because NO one CARES about his character in the movie. There is absolutely NO bonding with Tris. Their “friendship” is so out of the blue and random. 

Lydia: Which is awful because I love Uriah

Jen: I’m talking about Hector and Lynn too… her lines were so forced

April: Did Rosa even film for Allegiant? I don’t remember ever seeing either of those characters on set. 

Kylie: We know Rosa Salazaar dropped out for Maze Runner. So Lynn is out of the question. 

April: That’s what I thought… Which I mean, Good for her. 

Kylie: Yeah Scorch Trials looks on point

JJ: I don’t even think we heard Marlene speak until the jump scene. 

April: SO are any of you actually excited for Allegiant at this point or is it more that we are just so freaking confused and curious? 

JJ: I’m confused and even more curious, but also excited because I intend to see this through

Lydia: At this point I’m more confused and curious. It’s hard to be excited since Allegiant was my least favorite of the series. 

Kylie: For me, all of the above. Like I said, I liked the movies. So I am excited. the confusion kind of feels like we’re getting some new material in the Divergent world which I never thought we would get. And I’m curious about what they plan to do. It’s all very… Interesting. 

Jen: I’m excited and also confused… This was my reaction to the news earlier but I’m adjusting:


Meg: I agree. I’m still not sure what I think of this news. You guys, I’m excited, scared, nervous, and a little confused. Basically this announcement has me feeling A LOT of feelings! 


JJ: Well who am I kidding, I’ll sit and watch Theo James eat cereal for 2 hours if necessary







April: PRAISE. Can we just have two movies of Theo taking his shirt off slowly? 

JJ: Here’s your sneak peek: 

















JJ: hahaha They will get it… all my money

Jen: Four gives Peter the memory serum and sends him off to Milwaukee another failed experiment in the  Epilogue too. 

JJ: I had forgotten about that

Kylie: Chicago > Milwaukee 

April: Can we give Miles Teller that serum too? 

Jen: Maybe there will be more flashbacks of David and Tris’ mom when they were young… Let’s ascend into the past? 

Kylie: Sounds Boring

Jen: BUT Young David… Played by…. Insert Hot Guy Here…. 

April: CHRIS WOOD!!!

JJ: Hmmmmmmm


Kylie: Gimmie


IMG_5688 IMG_5689








April: OT but can we get Kellan Lutz’s bad acting and hot bod in this movie somewhere? 




April: He could talk while Ansel runs, hahaha

Lydia: He can just stand there like that. 

JJ: There’s our David! haha

April: I can’t WAIT for more Ansel running!!! 

JJ: He could be in any random scene walking down the hall without a shirt on. 

Lydia: I just love Ansel lol 

Kylie: YES! It gets worse with each movie. Allegiant should be interesting. By Ascendant he’s just full forest gump in leg braces

April: Awww that’s cute Lydia, hahaha I NEED MORE CALEB RUNNING GIFS! 

Kylie: I’m Trying! 

So in conclusion… We have a LOT of thoughts about this news…. But our main point needs to be heard because it is very important. WE WANT MORE THEO. Because This:

Also… we have some very important hashtags for you:









Thanks for hanging with us! Join the conversation and comment below and let us know what you think! 





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