As the Divergent movie approaches, we are getting more and more information, clips, photos, and more. For some, it might satisfy the hunger for more Divergent, but for many it just heightens the anticipation. Now, Mark at the Movies is releasing some clips from his experience behind the scenes at the Divergent movie set. The video aired this morning and Mark informed us it will be online for viewing on Monday. Here’s a preview of what the full video holds:

I love seeing the actors behind the scene. We can really get a sense of how well they get along and what the story means to them. And let’s be honest, with the pressure on and a camera in your face, could you name all 5 factions? (Probably, but shhhhhh)

Come back on Monday for he full video, which we will put up as soon as we see it!

Did you catch the full video? Did something a cast member said hit close to your heart? Are you just extremely jealous that you were not the one standing on set, talking to the cast members? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Mark at the Movies

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