We are super excited to be taking place in another Blog Tour hosted by Fiction Fare and Swoony Boys Podcast! 54 other blog’s are participating in this AWESOME blog hop that has not just one but 3 giveaways with each individual site hosting a giveaway as well! So what is our topic in this #BFFBlogHop?

Blog Besties!

I picked this topic because everyone should know how awesome “Blog Besties” are. I have been fortunate enough to meet some of my very best friends via blogging in one form or another! I’m going to talk about a few special women today who have touched my life and I consider “Besties”! There are definitely more close friends that I’ve made via blogging and they know who they are and should consider themselves loved as well!

I started blogging in 2011 for Yep it all started with Twilight! Through the Twilight fandom I was connected (via twitter I think?) with my friend Elena who created Twilightish. Eventually I started writing for her and we became friends. Elena has 5 kids who are right in between ages of my 3 girls and soon our kids became friends too! We try to see each other at least a couple of times each year with San Diego Comic Con being a MUST every year! Twilightish has since moved on and Fangirlish is now the place to be, but she’s still the person that I can lay in bed and watch recite every word to New Mooon with. Love you E!

 66954_10151319590186868_436677210_n 14073_10151319647001868_1641656191_n200743_10151004495396868_899262819_n 376531_10150947519086868_848132695_n 944486_10151556814661868_114973454_nThrough Twilight I have met many more amazing blog friends. Here are just a few of them! 298879_10150362561079863_750440971_n556037_740528807517_696825717_n10411787_1515733918646506_7210733926221586199_nYou can find Bekah over at That’s Normal… They are hilarious and you should def go check them out!

My next venture in blogging was in the Divergent Fandom. I started in 2013 and through the Divergent fandom was introduced to some more amazing women. One of them you may recognize from Divergent Lexicon and Swoony Boys Podcast, Meg! Meg and I quickly became friends when we decided to room together for the Divergent premiere in LA in 2014. We call each other Blog Besties and Brain Twins because we are entirely too much alike and could probably finish each other’s sentences. We both love Theo James way too much and try to talk as often as possible. When we are together we stay up all night talking and I’m counting down the days until I am able to see her again because it’s definitely not soon enough. 

My other Divergent Bestie is Kylie. You should know her because she writes for us! We quickly became friends before Divergent was released in 2014 and we literally talk everyday now. Okay, we text everyday! In March both Kylie and I met Meg in New York City for the Insurgent premiere and it was literally one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in my life! I will never forget that trip and I love you both dearly!

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There are SO SO many more people that I could talk about but then this post would take 25 minutes to read! Here are just a small portion of some of the amazing Blogging Friends I’ve made! I’m thankful for each and every one of them!

Check out some of their sites: I am Divergent, Appraising Pages, Professional Fangirls and the ones I mentioned above!

Leave a comment and tell us about your blog besties!

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