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Dare to Resist (Wedding Dare, #0.5)Dare to Resist by Laura Kaye

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Sometimes, I’m just really, REALLY in the mood to read some quality sexy times: something romantic, mostly angst-free, SWOONY, and super erotic. Actually, if I’m being honest, this may/may not be my permanent state of mind. However, last week I was really craving it. Several of the TV shows I love had just thrown me for a loop–*cough*Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva*cough*–and I was desperate for something to lift my spirits. Boy, was I in luck because last week, Laura Kaye’s new novella came out. I can always count on Laura for something to lift my spirits and re-energize my romantic/swoony feels. I’ve loved Laura Kaye for years–her novellas are always power-packed with lemony juiciness, gloriously delicious men, and leading ladies who are intelligent and likable. Dare to Resist completely fits this mold. I devoured it in about 6 hours and loved every, single moment.

We begin with Kady Dresco, a computer programmer from San Francisco, who’s in Nevada competing for a military contract. And her most staunch competition is Colton Brooks, who is also a computer programmer, a former military man, and happens to be Kady’s older brother’s best friend. Kady and Colton have known each other for years: they grew up together in Colorado and have always been fiercely competitive with one another. Over the years, things have perhaps become even more intense, as that competitive drive shifts to another form of passion. Three years ago, at Colton’s “welcome home” party, he and Kady engaged in a pretty steamy session of heavy petting:

“…between his dirty talk and rough handling he’d had her so out of her mind she’d freaking begged him to fuck her…”


But to Kady’s intense chagrin, Colton seems to “comes to his senses”, believing that his best friend’s little sister deserves better than he can give. So here they are, reunited in Nevada: competitive juices are flowing, memories of hot foreplay are raging, and a series of unfortunate (OR REALLY REALLY FORTUNATE) events result in Kady and Colton sharing a hotel room together for a night. Can they let go of certain misconceptions and build on what started three years ago?

I adore Kady! I love that she’s a professional woman–naturally brilliant and at the top of her game. Kady knows that she’s good, and this fuels her self-confidence and snark.
And Colton is equally intelligent, chivalrous, protective/possessive, tall, muscled-up, and oh so FINE. I think Kady says it best:

“Every time she saw him, the pure masculine appeal of the man sucker punched her anew, as if while separated, her mind blocked out the memory of him out of self-preservation.”


I love Kady and Colton’s relationship: the banter between them is so entertaining. And I especially enjoy how, even though Colton is her brother’s best friend, he and Kady also have a great rapport. But the nature of that friendship is shifting:

“The woman standing in front of his was the only woman who’d ever inspired Colton to consider anything more than a one-night stand or being fuck buddies, and that made Kady both incredibly dangerous to his world order and one of the most important people in it.”

Over the course of the story, Kady and Colton find that they have more than professional ambitions in common, especially when it comes to their sexual preferences. And when these two are able to overcome their misunderstandings, the manifestation of those sexual preferences is HOT HOT HOT:

“Colton kicked her feet apart, slid his fingers through her wet, slick folds, and plunged two fingers in deep…Kady screamed and her vision blurred and she sagged against Colton so completely that he had to hold her up.”
C: “You aren’t getting my cock until you come again. I want you to come so hard my whole hand is wet with it…You’re mine. This body. This pussy. Mine.”

The sex is GLORIOUS, but Kady and Colton still have some complications to work though. And once they do, it’s clear that their personal and professional relationships will thrive!

As I’ve said, this story embodies everything I love Laura Kaye–the writing style is crisp, the characters are compelling, and the sexy times are romantic and passionate.

This novella is actually the first in a series. In the 4 subsequent stories, 4 different authors build upon the world Laura has introduced us to by exploring relationships between Kady’s and Colton’s friends. I LOVE this idea, and I’ll certainly be checking out the remainder of the collection.
Dare to Resist kicks things off in a marvelous way! 100% MUSTREAD folks!

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