Buzzfeed Books revealed the AWESOME cover to Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On – and it’s not what I expected but in the best kind of way.



simonandbazNow I say it wasn’t what I expected because I was thinking something more Fangirl-esque. Something resembling the Simon and Baz featured in Cath’s brain bubble on the Fangirl cover. But I’m so pleased it’s not. We want something exciting and different, but still awesome, and this is it! We know this cover makes everything think “NOW KISS” and we so totally agree. I just wanna mush Simon and Baz’s faces together like their my Barbie dolls makin’ on each other… ‘scuse me for the weird.

I love what Rainbow herself had to say to Buzzfeed about the cover-

“When I first saw this cover, all I could say was, ‘Ohhhhh…’ It completely surprised me, even though it was everything I was telling my publisher I wanted. This book is a little darker, and rougher, than my other books. Tense. I wanted a cover that made me feel a little nervous.

Also, I liked that even though this cover isn’t obviously romantic, there’s a really strong NOW KISS vibe.”

Tense. I like that. Carry On is something that I’m truly excited for, and October 6, 2015 can’t come soon enough!

What do you think about the cover? And don’t miss out on the special edition copies of Fangirl – they’re delicious!



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