Between his acting and music projects, Ansel Elgort is certainly keeping busy; and now, there’s something new to add to the list! According to a new Deadline exclusive, Ansel has just been cast as the lead in the upcoming film Van Cliburn:

The film is based on the Howard Reich book Van Cliburn, and Elgort will play him in his formative years when, at age 23 in 1958, he emerged from out of nowhere to win the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in Moscow.

The lanky pianist from Texas who graduated Juilliard but was taught by his neighborhood piano teacher mother, had a very unorthodox instinctive style that bowled won over the Russian judges and the proletariat crowd that followed every note of the competition…This was credited with bridging the Cold War gap.

WOW! This sounds like an amazing role–especially since Ansel does play the piano.
Make sure to read the full article HERE, and many CONGRATS to Ansel. We look forward to seeing him in the film!

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