Review: Why every Divergent fan NEEDS go see Allegiant!

I know what you are thinking, Isn’t this the site that was talking a bunch of smack after the Allegiant trailer came out? Yep. It is. But It ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Seriously. As of last Monday, I was only going to the screening I saw of Allegiant because I didn’t want to pay for it. I was worried. SO […]

Jurassic World Review! GO see it today!

We were pretty excited over here at #Ave for Jurassic World to come out last week. The Original Jurassic Park for me personally was special because it was the first PG-13 I saw in the theater. I think for any kid that grew up in the 90’s- Jurassic Park was the bomb and so most of us were really interested […]

Movie Thoughts: The Fault in Our Stars reminds us it’s okay to FEEL

“The Fault in our Stars” was released yesterday across America and left the majority of its watchers with empty tissue boxes and snot on their sleeves. And this is a good thing. I am not going to write a review on this movie… however I am going to leave you with some “Thoughts”.  I have been waiting for this movie […]

Movie Review: Maleficent- Angelina Jolie is Hauntingly Brilliant!

As I’m sure you will come to find out in the future on this site… I am a HUGE Disney nerd. Huge. I keep an Annual Pass to Disneyland and it is my happy place. So when I heard “Maleficent” was coming to theaters… I was extremely excited. Watching “Sleeping Beauty” on a Sunday night during “Wonderful World of Disney” […]