Text Talk: Outlander Season 2 premiere recap!

It’s time for another episode of Text Talk! This is generally something that Jen and I do anyways when it comes to Outlander because she has read the books, and I haven’t. So we have both perspectives for you! We last saw Jamie and Claire on their way to Paris. The season 2 premiere picks up back in 1940 something […]

#Ave Text Talk with friends discuss “Allegiant and Ascendant”

Today we bring to you a very special post in our series of what we like to call “Text Talk”! Sometimes there is something big that happens in the entertainment industry and the girls here at Hashtag Ave like to talk it out… via group text. Tonight we invited some of our friends to play along as we discuss the […]

#TextTalkMSP #Insurgent Teaser trailer is LIVE! Watch Now! Also #TrisgotBuff

In our latest installment of Text Talk, Jennifer and April discuss the brand new Teaser Trailer for the Divergent Series: Insurgent!

Text Talk MSP: Nick Jonas is all grown up and we discuss! #FloppyNipples #BlueSteel #MarkyMark

Guys. Nick Jonas GREW UP! Remember this floppy hair’d kid that was on Jonas LA and pranced around the stage with his brothers singing Burnin’ Up and Love Bug?  Welp… No more. Little Brother has grown up! Nick has a new solo album coming out November 11th, and a show on Direct TV called Kingdom which premieres Oct 8th in […]

Text Talk MSP- Reign Season Premiere! Francis is a #BabyWhisperer #DILF

Welcome to our first full Text Talk with the MSP Girls! Today we will be bringing you our Text Talk from the Season 2 Premiere of Reign! Our Text Talkers today are Jennifer, April and Melissa, And yes we are juding. Hope you enjoy! J:Omg I don’t remember the finale!!! A:Francis got a haircut and WHOA hey there weirdo. You […]

Introducing Text Talk with Mainstream Passionista! Lets talk about our favorite shows! Up today: Outlander-The Wedding!

Are you one of those people that find yourself sitting down to watch your favorite weekly show alone because all your besties live in a different city? Or State? Well we hear at MSP are here to tell you that you are NOT alone. Most of us here at Mainstream Passionista are friends… Besties even and we love to chat […]