Allegiant Casting: Jeff Daniels is David

You may recognize Jeff Daniels as half of the hilarious duo in Dumb and Dumber, but now he’s taking on the completely opposite role. The Hollywood Reporter exclusivity reported that Daniels is in the final stages of his negotiations to take on the role of David, the head of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, in Allegiant Part 1 & 2. […]

New Petition to Change Allegiant’s Movie Ending? Sound Off Now!

***SPOILER ALERT*** You know we love the Divergent series, but like many fellow Initiates, the ending of Allegiant with Tris’ death was incredibly difficult to┬áread. And,to be honest, we have to admit┬áthat it’s a bit scary/nerve-wracking to imagine watching our darling Shailene Woodley portray those scenes on the big-screen. Even thinking about Theo James acting out Four’s reaction is enough […]