image001Do you need a life size Four in your life? Well we have your solution! Together we are partnering with Fathead to bring you a contest to win YOUR choice of Divergent Fathead! Whether you need a life size Tris and Four, The Faction Symbols to show your Divergent pride or ALL of the Tattoo Posters, we have you covered! All you have to do is follow the instructions on our rafflecopter widget below! Contest ends 4/8/14 and is open Internationally! Good Luck!
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35 thoughts on “CONTEST: Enter to win a Divergent Fathead!

  1. After the end of the Harry Potter film series, my life felt as it was missing a huge piece, and Divergent filled it. I already have a huge Harry Potter poster to pay tribute to my #1 fandom, and I just wouldn’t feel right at all not to have some Divergent merch on my wall, since it quite literally was the one thing that reminded me that fandom life doesn’t start and end with Harry Potter, even if it was my first fandom, and the one I hold dearest to my heart.

  2. I’m a 16 year old girl and absolutely love divergent. It opened me up to other books that i thought i wasn’t interested in. It would mean the world to me if i win, and i think i would annoy my sisters with a life size four.

  3. This would be the ultimate Divergent item to have in a room! I have been a fan for so long and my location doesn’t give me the chance to get items like this all the time. I think I might pass out if I win haha.

  4. My fangirl wall wouldn’t complete without some Divergent Fatheads on my wall. Plus I’m a huge Divergent fan (check the tattoo) and would love to have them.

  5. I deserve this giveaway because I have been supporting and fangirling over Divergent for the longest time! It would be incredible to win something so amazing.

  6. I love Divergent. I’ve read the books and have cried and laughed with them. Veronica is a pure genius. I’m a huge fan and I would love to wake up to a life size four every morning that would be a dream come true.

  7. I deserve to win this one of a kind Divergent Fathead because I always try my best on everything, I get straight As in school, and I as well very very much fan about Divergent. I participate in a lot of Divergent activities, too. (An example is when I dressed like Tris on the day I saw the movie!!) It would be amazing if I won one of the Fatheads from the Divergent giveaway. That would leave me with pure happiness. All other giveaways that I have entered before I have lost, so this would be a super cool experience to be a winner. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am brave (like most other initiates) also!
    Thank you for this amazing offer! Be brave, everyone!

  8. I deserve this because I’m the biggest Divergent fan ever! I love the books sososososo much

  9. I love Divergent and in my country it doesn’t have any Divergent merch, so I need to win this

  10. OMG OMG OMG THIS GIVEAWAY IS AWESOME I WANT A FOUR IN MY ROOM OMG OMG OMG ****FANGIRLING**** Okay maybe I’m fangirling too much but I really want to win this cause I can’t buy it, and I’m a really huge fan of Divergent, I own a few fanpages and I’m just in love with this book serie, the best I never red. Veronica Roth have a highly developped brain I think (haha) even though she broke my heart 🙁 Anyway, I hope I win but GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!

  11. Divergent is one of the many books that changed my aspect in life and would love a reminder for the impact these books had on me.

  12. I would really love this! I’m a huge fan of the book series and the movie (It finally came out in SA yesterday! AMAZING) and I can’t get any merch here 🙁 Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. FOUR BELONGS WITH TRIS. My name is Tris(h) so I deserve to win! Haha, other than that I’m a true blue Initiate. I eat, sleep, breathe Divergent.

  14. I would love to win this for my niece Sophie, both of us are huge fans of the Divergent series but I think she would love this more that I would!

  15. This is actually a really great contest and I love that it is internationally! I’ve seen a lot of contest, but none of them were internationall and then I came across this one and I was really happy. I lóve Divergent. I was there when Allegiant came out, I was there when they showed the first trailer on tv. It has started to be a part of me.

  16. I deserve to win this Divergent Fathead because I am a huge fan, and Divergent has inspired me soo much. To be brave, even when I don’t think I need to be. I really have a connection to this book and movie, that goes deeper then words. 🙂

  17. This contest is by far one of the best I’ve discovered. The Fathead of Tris, will remind me of chanelling my inner Tris. And of course, I’M HUGE FAN OF DIVERGENT!!

  18. Divergent is such an amazing story, and it would be so cool to have a piece of it in my home! 🙂

  19. I’ve been entering contests and giveaways for months an I haven’t won anything yet! I really want to!!

  20. I’ve dedicated the last few months on Divergent and scared half of my friends away from fangirling. My parents are concerned with the screeching I do every time I see Divergent stuff and that’s why (: -Sabrina

  21. I would love to represent this fandom with Fatheads! I MEAN WHO WOULDN’T?! This has become my life.

  22. Divergent has done so much for me! Being able to represent this fandom with a fathead would be an honor. I tend to have terrible luck, so winning this would make my life. Plus, WHO WOULDNT WANT TO SEE THEO AND SHAI ON THEIR WALLS?!

  23. Who wouldn’t want to share one of the things their most passionate about?! Divergent has helped me face and get through a lot of problems. I’m so thankful to say I’m a die-hard fan.

  24. I NEED to win this giveaway! Divergent stuff is expensive and hard to find. Whenever I get money I buy books. I can’t help it

  25. I deserve to win a one of a kind Divergent Fathead because who wouldn’t want a life size Four (Theo!) on their wall?!? Same goes for having a life size Tris! Or even the faction symbols! Having these fatheads would let me represent one of the things I love the most on my very own bedroom wall!!

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