Initiates are some of the most passionate fans in the world, and we certainly demonstrated that in the box office over the last few months!  So we want to know: how many times have YOU seen Divergent?  Do you have the ticket stubs to prove it?

In the comments section below, let us know how many times you’ve seen the Divergent film in theaters, and make sure to upload a picture of your ticket stubs.  The person who has seen it the most–and provides a photo as proof–will win this Divergent movie poster (17in.x11.5in).



The contest will end this Saturday, May 17 and is only open to the U.S.–sorry, shipping is expensive!


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8 thoughts on “CONTEST: How many times have you seen Divergent?

  1. I’ve seen it 5 times, and I think I’ll go again this weekend. I am obsessed now because I just finished reading Allegiant, and it is sooooo good to imagine all those characters doing a lot of things, i hated the ending though. LOL