Best Selling Author, Gayle Forman (If I Stay) newest novel, “I Was Here” releases in January 2015 and we get our first look at the cover today!

I Was Here deals with the touchy subject of teen suicide. If her previous books are any indication, I’m sure that this newest novel will certainly bring me to tears! Read a little about it and an excerpt below! 1404224907000-Cover-IWasHere

Here’s a first look at the cover of best-selling novelist Gayle Forman’s next book for teens, I Was Here, which is inspired by a non-fiction article on teen suicide Forman wrote.

The novel, due from Viking on Jan. 27, 2015, is about a morbid online suicide support group that’s less than supportive.

Aimed at readers 14 and older, it begins when a girl named Meg sends a time-delayed e-mail to her best friend before killing herself by drinking a bottle of industrial cleaner. The friend, Cody, ends up investigating Meg’s final days and how she was influenced by an online support group.

Forman, 44, says she was inspired by reporting she did for a 2008 article inCosmopolitan magazine about three young women who had attempted or committed suicide: “One of the women, a 19-year-old named Suzy Gonzales, really stayed with me, in part because as I spoke to her friends and relatives what emerged was a picture of a bright, creative, charismatic non-conformist.”

Forman, who began her career writing for Seventeen, adds, “I kept having to remind myself I wasn’t profiling an up-and-coming actor or musician or writer. I was profiling someone I would never in fact meet.”

The real-life Suzy inspired the fictional Meg, who takes her own life in the opening pages of I Was Here.

Forman’s 2009 novel, If I Stay, about a 17-year-old girl in a coma after a car accident, is No. 8 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list. The movie adaptation, starring Chloe Moretz, arrives Aug. 22.

Read an exclusive excerpt from I Was Here:

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