As we told you previously we are participating with other Divergent Fan Sites in a 30 Day Countdown to Divergent! During the next month we have some fun stuff coming up including a Giveaway with some awesome Divergent Swag donated by your favorite Divergent Fan Sites!

Today on Day 4 of our Countdown, We are talking about Fan Made Trailers! If you have ever been part of a “fandom” you know what I am talking about. Months, Sometimes even years before a movie comes out… Fan’s put together “Trailers” and sometimes these Trailers are even better than the real thing! We as fan’s need a way to express what we are feeling about a book or up coming movie. Sometimes we put into these trailers who we would love to see in the movie, Sometimes we take our cast actors and make our own trailers. Sometimes we take released footage and put it to our favorite song. We are going to feature all of those here today! Thank you to those that are dedicated and take the time to make these awesome trailers! Hats off to you and keep up the good work! They make us even MORE excited for what is to come!

Head over to DivergentMovies.com to hear their take on Fan Made Trailers and look out tomorrow for some exciting stuff for Day 5 in the Divergent Fan Site Countdown from DivergentLife.com and DivergentsUK.com 

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