It’s no secret that a lot of thought and work goes into making a movie, especially one as physical and visual as Divergent. Glamour got to talk with some cast and crew of Divergent to discuss everything from the costumes and scenery, to Shailene’s workout difficulties and Theo’s beatboxing. Here’s a peek at what they talked about:

Making the costumes was a global affair. Costume designer Carlo Poggioli had just six weeks to make the bulk of the film’s looks. “We had a huge amount of work to do in such a short time,” he says. So he enlisted workshops all over the world. Dauntless’s and Abnegation’s costumes were put together in sewing rooms across Europe while the leading cast’s looks were churned out on location in Chicago.

What was [Shailene’s] exact fitness routine, you ask? Warren lays it out: 90 minutes of stretching and cardio (biking or jumping rope), followed by push-ups, chin-ups, tricep dips, and abs work. To finish it all off: a session of fight training or gun training, and 15 minutes of knife training. “She would sleep in on weekends but still train,” Warren says. “Her treat would be a massage.”

Each faction’s surroundings was painstakingly matched to their nature. For example: “Erudite is [seen as] a little bit better than everybody else, so they have beautifully maintained, modern, clean interiors,” Nicholson says. “Dauntless has sparse warehouse spaces; it doesn’t matter to them where they are. It’s not about creature comforts. Abnegation has a minimal, calm aesthetic, which helps them focus on their selflessness. I thought their homes should be made of composite materials. I researched disaster-relief architecture, and I also came across this technique used in South America in which two guys can build a whole house without any heavy machinery, by just pouring concrete. We also used recycled wooden floors in Abnegation.”

Four’s lair was the hardest location to find. “From talking to fans, I knew that all of the girls were desperate to know what Four’s apartment looked like,” Nicholson says. “It had to be magical. Finally, we saw a building that used to be a garage and had been converted into recording studios. Four’s apartment is up on the roof. It felt up in the air, secret and tucked away. It was the last location we found.”

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Wow, I’m not sure I could handle Shailene’s training and I had no idea just how much effort went into finding all of those sets and costumes! I do know, however, that I’m very glad they put in the effort, because the final outcome is fantastic! Did you learn something new? What is your favorite scene or costume in the movie? Let us know in the comments!


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