After the audi commercial, there was no doubt in our minds, the voice of Theo James is mesmerizing.  We are in love with everything about him, but his voice…. amazing!

Theo was the frontman of band Makora, before becoming singer and guitarist for the band     Shere Khan.

So it is no surprise he is featured, along with Ansel Elgort, in Teen’s article, ’10 Hot Actors You Forgot (or Never Knew) Are Hot Musicians, Too!’

Way before he was cast as Four in Divergent, the British heartthrob played both singer and guitarist in the London-based band Shere Khan

In case you haven’t seen this video yet, Theo James sings beautifully…

Now this one was a surprise to me, but Ansel Elgort is also a bit of a musician himself! I am sure many Ansel fans already know this, but Ansel Elgort likes to make music of his own via Ansolo Music.

Hear the lead in The Fault in Our Stars‘ sweet beats here


Ansel Elgort


I love how talented they both are! I predict great successes from them both in acting and the music industry! We will support them for sure!



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