Yahoo Movies: The scene begins with Tris (Shailene Woodley) abruptly awakening in her Dauntless sleeping barracks to the sound of guttural wails. She and Christina (Zoë Kravitz) soon find Ed (Ben Lamb) with a knife protruding from his bloodied left eye. “Pull it out. Get it out!” he shrieks. Panic ensues as the group of recently slumbering young warriors struggle with what to do next. As Tris comforts Ed, who is gasping for air, she looks up to find a suspicious character stepping out from the shadows: Peter (Miles Teller).

As a huge Ben Lamb fan I was disappointed they deleted this scene, but I’m sure time and ratings reasons were the cause. To me it’s a very pivotal scene where we start to see that the Dauntless world that Eric is trying to create, by pitting the initiates against each other, is not an ideal world. It shows just how far Peter is willing to go, which we see later when he tried to throw Tris into the chasm, but there’s just something more powerful about this scene. Especially since they put Peter into the scene – unlike in the book – standing in the shadows watching Tris try to calm Edward. I love it, it’s a great scene.

What are your thoughts on this deleted scene? Can’t wait for more special features and deleted scenes which will be on the Divergent DVD/BluRay coming August 5th!


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