A new article from Publisher’s Weekly declares Divergent as the most-talked about title in social media for the month of January, while Allegiant was the second-most discussed book this past month!

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According to the article:

The number of conversations about the book grew steadily over the course of the month, as fans continue to anticipate the March 21 release of the film adaptation…Divergent and Allegiant landed at #2 and #5, respectively, on Nielsen BookScan’s bestseller list for the week ended January 26.

“A large percentage of the comments from fans of the [Divergent] series mentioned both books, which is not unusual for a popular series,” said Jeff Costello, v-p of CoverCake, which measures how books are faring on social media.

How exciting! And as March 21 gets closer and closer, we have no doubt that discussion about Divergent will only intensify. Congrats to Veronica Roth!


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