So it has now been a few days since the Divergent movie released in theaters across America and we thought it would be fun to hear what us girls here at TrisAndFour thought! Be prepared… there are some spoilers so beware! If you haven’t gotten to know our staff… You can do so HERE

From April:

Divergent was everything I hoped for and then some! I was very excited yet nervous to see the movie in all honesty! It’s no secret that YA adaptions have been bombing at the box office with the exception of The Hunger Games. This fact alone made me scared for Divergent, but I was so happy to be pleasantly surprised! I found myself being anxious and holding my breath even though I KNEW what was going to be happening. I was completely and utterly impressed with Shailene Woodley as Tris and I don’t even know where to begin when saying how much I absolutely LOVED Theo James as Four! I never had a specific person that I pictured for Four when reading the books and now that Theo has played him… I won’t ever be able to see anyone besides him when re-reading! People that surprised me the most: Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Will, Amy Newbold as Molly, Christian Madsen as Al and Jai Courtney as Eric! The rest of the cast was fantastic as well (Did we expect any less from Tony, Ashley and Kate?) But these new actors (YES Amy you ARE an Actor!) really blew me away! I never expected to WANT to like Eric so much. Christian embodied Al. I felt SO much for his character and Ben you were fabulous as Will!


Yes… There are a few things that are different. Some things they filmed, but did not make the cut, and yes as a super fangirl, this DID disappoint me, I won’t lie about that. (SPOILER- Dauntless Cake, Edwards Butter-knife) BUT the majority of the changes I was really okay with. (Darts instead of Paintballs and KATE’s HAND! AH!) I also want to address Tris’ fear landscape and her fear of intimacy. Warning- Spoilers ahead. Some people are really upset about the fact that it was portrayed a bit that her fear was of Rape. While no, this is not EXACTLY how her fear was portrayed in the books… I am not against it. I feel like how she handles this fear sends a great message to girls and boys alike and that since we DO not get Tris’ inner monologue like we do in the books… this was a much better way to portray this particular fear. Is this movie for everyone? No probably not. Will the fans be happy with the adaption? I think so and if you aren’t… Please try and turn a 400 page book into a 120 page script yourself and then get back to me. My husband and father also loved it! If you haven’t already… Go see the movie this week! If you have… Go see it again!

From Amanda-

Divergent is the best book to movie adaptation I have seen in a while. It sticks to the story and even my friends and family who haven’t read the book were able to follow the plot easily. The casting is wonderful. I predicted Shailene and Theo would portray Tris and Four well, but they exceeded my expectations. I also thought Miles and Ansel were perfect. I was most curious to see Kate Winslet and she did not disappoint. My favorite parts included the fear landscapes, which were mesmerizing and the Dauntless scenes, which were just like I pictured them as I read the book. I loved the costumes and sets, they were detailed and very well matched to book descriptions. While there were some changes, they weren’t major and didn’t bother me like adaptations in other books to movies. I thought the movie had great action and was able to entertain even my reluctant husband. I am so impressed with this film and how they brought it together for the big screen. Bravo! I will be seeing it a few more times in theatre for sure!
From Jennifer:

Divergent, the movie.. What can I say other than it was wonderful! As a fan of the book, of course, I am a little bit biased over the source material.
When I read I get lost in the story and have a hard time picturing the grandeur of the setting so it was amazing seeing it come to life on screen through all the details: the simplicity of the Abnegation homes, Chicago in ruin, the fence, the Dauntless initiates room. In regards to the adaptation of the story, yes they left things out and changed the way you view characters but over all they kept with the theme of the story: choice, identity, belonging.
As a stand alone movie, I think it hit home: action, plot, romance, stellar cast. As part one of a trilogy, it definitely leaves you wondering “whats next?”

From Ellie:

If you’re a fan of the book like I am, you will love this movie. They kept the main themes of the book and even filled in some reasoning to the less important or confusing parts of the book. Though some of my favorite lines or quick moments were missing, every important plot point was caught and I did not feel like I was missing any important information from the book. Theo James plays a less playful Four than in the book, but it worked for the serious situations of the film. Shailene embodied Tris and took on this heroine’s best qualities. It was wonderful.

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