Variety has an interesting set of articles of “Actors on Actors” as part of their SAG Preview. They interviewed Judy Greer, Marion Cotillard and Nicole Kidman about Shailene, Miles and Kate respectively.  It’s great to see that the reasons why WE love these actors is reasons why they are respected by their peers.

greer-woodly Judy Greer on Shailene Woodley as Aimee Finicky in “The Spectacular Now”

Because of Shailene Woodley, Aimee Finicky isn’t just a character in a movie — “The Spectacular Now” — to me, she’s an actual girl colored with deep human emotion. It’s hard for me to separate the character from the actress because Shailene’s performance is so vulnerable, so open and ultimately so real.

And I don’t mean real because the actors weren’t wearing make-up, and many of the scenes played in two shots without a lot of editing tricks, I mean real because I could see Aimee thinking, I could see her taking in information and processing it, I watched her listen and respond in real time. I didn’t even want to blink while watching the film for fear that I would miss a flash in her eyes, a moment of recognition or a decision being made in her head. Shailene’s Aimee was open, honest, heartbreaking and heartbroken, and I was utterly riveted every moment she was on screen.

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There are many sides of Miles Teller. He is deeply soulful, but also very funny and a pretty good dancer!



Nicole Kidman on Miles Teller as Sutter Keely in “The Spectacular Now”

When I saw Miles audition for “Rabbit Hole,” I was blown away! He was so deeply connected to the words. His face had so much character, it told a story. I could feel the intensity and life experience he brought to the role. Miles, I knew, was a very serious actor with a lot of heart and emotion to bring to the table. And that is exactly what he did with his wonderful and layered performance as Sutter Keely in “The Spectacular Now.”

There are many sides of Miles Teller. He is deeply soulful, but also very funny and a pretty good dancer! All of those elements were needed for the complex character of Sutter. With every nuanced look he was able to expose the sad soul beneath the class clown. He is that rare triple-threat actor that can do it all with commitment, passion and raw talent. Miles has an incredible career ahead of him. He has so much to share with us, with the world.


Marion Cotillard on Kate Winslet as Adele in “Labor Day”

Kate, I love you. The first time I saw you was in “Heavenly Creatures.” I knew then that I would follow you forever. I felt so deeply connected because that’s what you do.

You connect us in the deepest way to all these women you portray. You embody them, personify them, and there is nothing ever self-conscious about it. And with such simplicity! Watching you in “Labor Day,” I felt scared, excited and touched deeply. I felt despair, fear, joy … and then ultimately love. Because that’s what you were going through and you made me feel it. What I feel when I watch you onscreen is that you enter into people and you move them. So thank you for the emotion, for the connection and for the love.

(Cotillard won an Oscar playing Edith Piaf in “La Vie en rose.”)

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