Have you ever wondered why we decided to become part of this amazing Divergent Fandom? Well on Day 12 of our Divergent Fan Site Countdown, We along with our fellow fan sites are going to tell you a little bit about why we decided to become “Initiates”! Be sure to check out the other fansites post’s today too!

Here are a few things some of our writers had to say about why they joined the fandom and what they love about it: 

April– For those of you that don’t know me, I am April, owner of I first read Divergent in the fall of 2011. I found it on my nook recommended reads for “If you liked the Hunger Games”. I read it in one sitting in a day and fell IN LOVE. One of the things that I just loved about this story was Tris and Four. (Hence They are my OTP. I had been so fed up with books esp in the YA genre that were full of love triangles. Angst is aprilavigood. But I was just so tired of it. I loved that there wasn’t ever another choice. It was Four. Would always be Four and their relationship was so real. Four/Tobias is also by FAR of my favorite literary male characters ever. I have wrote for other various fandom blogs over the past few years and was very interested in starting my own Divergent site… but was honestly very scared as who would be cast as my precious Four… so I held off. Finally in March of 2013 when Theo James was cast… I said to my friend, I need to pursue this NOW. It took a few months and the help of some friends but was born and I won’t be looking back! I can’t wait to continue on this journey with you guys! Feel free to chat with me on twitter @aprilfaithspice 

photoJen–   I love reading and dystopian is my genre of choice. I love getting inside the authors brain to this futuristic world in disrepair and how the society fell from grace, to me that is so interesting.

Why I love Divergent specifically is the theme of choice. Choosing the qualities you want to emulate to make society better. Veronica Roth created this world that is so simple but the more you read you see how we as humanity distort that. The story isn’t just for girls or boys or young people or adults, its for everyone. Its so great being around people who share my passion for this amazing story. @ferferlina

100_2639-150x150Funmbi– Being a part of this community is such a joy! It’s amazing to have the opportunity to honor Veronica Roth. The fact that she can induce feelings of intense heartbreak, terror, hope, and love is a testament to her brilliance as a story teller. And being a part of this fandom allows me to actively share my excitement with others who also appreciate the Divergent world–especially as we get to see some of our fave actors bring this world to the big screen! I’m definitely looking forward to YEARS of fangirling with you all! x @DrFunmbiE

462605_10151589460376602_17872074_o-150x150Melissa– Divergent drew me into its world like no other young adult novel had for quite some time; that no other world had done for a long time. The characters seemed more real. I connected with them. So to be a part of the fandom was a no-brainer. I thought it would be fun to help bring more people to this amazing world! @missatiga

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