If you haven’t been keeping up, today is day 14 of our multi-fansite DIVERGENT Movie countdown! Every day a different fansite will be posting something new to count down on until the Divergent movie is released.30days

Today we are going to break down Molly and Christina. Both of these initiates were born into Candor and then choose Dauntless at the Choosing Ceremony and that is where their similarities end!


Christina choose to leave Candor because she doesn’t want to share everything and wants to be in control of her own mind.  She is the first initiate to become friends with Tris and becomes intimidated by Tris’ success during initiation which puts a strain on their friendship.  They eventually become best friends.  Tris lets Christina have the glory for their team during the Capture the Flag game.    During initiation, Eric makes her hang over the chasm because she forfeits her first fight.  Christina is in a relationship with Will, another initiate.  One of her fears is moths.  The final initiate rankings she is 7 out of 12 and for her Dauntless job she wants to train new initiates.


Molly is friends with Peter and Drew since they all come from the same faction.  Christina calls her “the tank” because of her broad shoulders.  Tris beats her in a fight during training and then to get back at her, Molly does an interview with the Erudite about Tris and her father.  During her Fear Landscape she has problems controlling her breathing.  The final initiate rankings she is 11 out of 12 and becomes Factionless.

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