If you haven’t been keeping up, today is day 8 of our multi fansite DIVERGENT Movie countdown! Every day a different fansite will be posting something new to count down on until the Divergent movie is released.

Today we are talking about our Top 5 Scenes that we can’t wait to see in Divergent! This was hard because well… how do we pick only FIVE! We want to see the WHOLE movie! But here are some of our favorites! What are yours? Make sure you head over to DIvergent Faction to check out what their top 5 scenes are as well! 



Pretty sure that this is going to be on the top of everyone’s to see list… But this was absolutely one of my favorite scenes from the book. I loved that Four show’s his fear here because up until this point, you see his as the bad ass Dauntless leader and it’s our first glimpse of (spoiler!) Tobias. We also begin to feel the sexual tension between Tris and Four! (I am aware of how little space there is between us–six inches at most.  That space feels charged with electricity.  I feel like it should be smaller.  ~Tris)


We have seen bits and pieces of this scene, and I get giddy every time I see little glimpses! What we have seen so far has been pretty Epic and I can’t wait to see the death stare’s that Tris and Four give each other! To see this scene from start to finish will be amazing.


This scene is so pivotal. Al’s betrayl, Peter holding Tris by her NECK over the Chasm, Four rescuing her which leads to taking her to his apartment! Yes please! Trisbeingkiddnapped


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.22.30 AM

Tris discovering Tobias is Divergent… The whole simulation, how it works, Will, Natalie, SO many feels in this scene.


This is one scene we haven’t seen ANY thing of yet that I am aware of! I am really looking forward to seeing Tris and Four FIGHT while He is under the simulation. Theo James said in an interview that this was one of his favorite scenes to shoot because it was so intense. I can’t wait to see the resolve when Tobias breaks through and realizes that it’s Tris!

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