Today we got word from The Hollywood Reporter that Elizabeth Banks is in talks to direct the film adaptation of Victoria Aveyard’s YA bestseller Red Queen.

This is some amazing news because this book was absolutely made to be seen on screen. Some of the  scenes, especially almost the entire ending, are so visual that I got my hands on the audio book just so I could listen with my eyes closed trying to picture every detail. Aveyard is a beautiful writer, this is an amazing story, Banks is a WONDERFUL director (as we saw for Pitch Perfect 2), and this needs to happen.

The YA fantasy is set in a world divided by blood color — red for ordinary people, silver for elites with supernatural abilities. When a street urchin saves her best friend, she is brought before the king and queen, where she suddenly displays special powers — powers impossible for a red blood. To hide this startling news and to keep her under control, the king invents a past for the young woman as a lost princess and sets her up to marry one of his sons. But the woman soon finds herself conflicted as she becomes part of the silver world while at the same time aiding a group plotting a red rebellion.

Universal has the rights to the film, and also attached are producers Jake Weiner, Chris Bender and JC Spink of Benderspink. Also producing is Pouya Shahbazian and co-producer Christopher Cosmos. Gennifer Hutchison wrote the script and with any luck Elizabeth Banks will be directing.

Have you read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard? What do you think about Elizabeth Banks directing the adaptation? And more importantly, who would you cast as Mare Barrow?


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