4 years ago Entourage aired its final episode on HBO. The ending was satisfying, but who didn’t want more? Luckily, the show writers wrote an ending that could give us more, and today we get more!

The cast and crew of this movie has even said in interview after interview that you do not have to have seen a single episode to understand the movie. Personally I think watching the show will give you a deeper connection with the characters, and the movie will be more enjoyable, but who knows. That’s how it worked for me, but for you it may be different. In any case, the Entourage Movie is something we should all be excited about! Just watch the trailer:

But the following could be considered a little spoilery if you plan on watching the show in the future. So this is where we leave you if you don’t want the series finale to be ruined.


In honor of tonight’s opening of the Entourage Movie we just want to share that final scene that ran after the credits of the series finale. Plus a little recap:

Vince was on his way to Paris to get hitched

Turtle,  the now millionaire, was excited about his future endeavors

Drama had his cartoon

E and Sloan finally stopped being butts and made up – plus PREGNANT SLOAN!

Ari and Mrs. Ari went to live happily ever after in Florence… or did they? This is exactly why I’m excited to share this final clip here because not every casual Entourage watcher saw it. From the movie trailer we obviously know that Ari has come back to Hollywood, and that’s good news because let’s be honest here, you can’t have Entourage without Ari Gold. So this little extra scene just brings so much joy to our lives because we know that they had plans for more from the beginning of the end. Or at least that’s how I like to feel about it.

I feel so much happiness when I watch that. Anyway, the Entourage movie was great! For more thoughts on it watch out for my #avereviews on our Instagram account- @hashtagave, and go see Entourage ASAP! Who knows, maybe we can squeeze a sequel out of them 😉

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