11.08.13_ShotPull_2So Friday, Jen, Mandy and I got the opportunity to actually VIEW the upcoming Divergent Trailer that will be released on Wednesday! (Click HERE if you need THOSE details) Also, Enjoy the nice screen cap that Summit sent us above of Four helping Tris onto a train. I’m pretty sure we have seen this before in Behind the Scene’s footage… But not in a trailer… YET! 

We have been asked by Summit Entertainment to share some of our reactions… without giving away too much of course! So… Our conversation went something like this:

April: Okay girls. So you just watched the Trailer… Give me your first reaction’s in 3 words?

Jen: 1.WOW 2. YES. 3. MOOOOOORE! 

Mandy: 1. Intense 2. PERFECT 3. SQUEEEEE! (Is Squee a word) 

April: I’ll Allow it.

Now my 3 words: 1. HUGE Goofy Grin that I’m sure they could see on the conference call (ok so that’s not a word) 2. OH EM GEE! (again, maybe not a word, but I’ll allow it) 3. HOLY Four’s Voice

Jen: Speaking of Theo’s voice… He practically sold me a car with his voice…. 

Mandy: That voice could sell cars!

(Curious? Click HERE

April: Okay so now that we all want to buy an Audi personally sold to us by Theo… Let’s get back to the task at hand. 

Mandy: I would like to add that Theo James’ voice isn’t just sexy, but his whole becoming FOUR is just Hot! 

April: I agree… I was really really scared at who would be cast as Four but this man is just restoring my faith in the book to movie business EVERY time I see a clip of him in this role! Four is by FAR my favorite male literary character and I couldn’t be happier with what I have seen so far with his performance! 

Mandy: Building off of that statement, Theo AND Shai completely become Four and Tris. Their chemistry is exactly how I pictured when reading the book! 

April:  Right?? I TOTALLY agree. A few time’s their chemistry was enough to make me gasp and hold my breath! 

Jen: I know…. I kept thinking “Oh wow! Things just got real!” 

April: So what are our final thoughts on this ladies? 

Jen: Veronica Roth’s Chicago from my head… just came to life in front of my eyes. 

Mandy: I am yearning for more, So Bravo with the exact amount of footage to make me excited about what’s to come! 

April: I am just really excited about seeing SO many things come to life exactly how I pictured them while reading the book! You guys are going to LOVE it! 

Thanks for listening to our banter! Make sure you stayed tuned Wednesday morning to see the Trailer Debut! We will post it as soon as it’s available! April, Jen and Mandy! 

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