With the series finale of Parks and Recreation tonight we must all be strong. As Ron Swanson would say “Crying is only acceptable at funerals and the grand canyon”…. Well Ron, I’m just a bit too emotional and I can’t keep the flood of tears in. So we’ll add the end to one of my favorite shows in the history of television to the list of acceptable times to cry. (In reality everything makes me cry, but we won’t tell that to Ron. Then he might not share his wisdom with me.) So to remind us that we can maybe keep our emotions in check, this is one of my favorite videos to come out of the NBC Parks and Recreation YouTube channel.

The Many Emotions of Ron Swanson

For more laughs and tears visit the YouTube page for Parks and Recreation, and tune into the finale tonight 10/9c on NBC. Don’t forget your stack of waffles for comfort food, you’re going to need them. *Fingers crossed that Ann and Chris are back for one last time*

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