Five new character posters for Insurgent have just been released, featuring TrisFourJeanine and newcomers Evelyn and Johanna. Each poster, peculiarly depicting the characters looking up at an inverted landscape, comes with its own tagline.

Check them out below:

The release comes along with interviews with the cast. Read excerpts below:

“[In] this movie, I wanted it to be clear that obviously things have changed and he’s fallen in love with Shai’s character, but at the same time, he’s still the same man. So I don’t want him to suddenly be like Prince Charming or something,” Theo James said. “So when you first meet him, he is trying to protect her at the beginning of the movie, and calm her, and make sure she doesn’t make any mistakes. But at the same time, they’re fugitives in this faction that they shouldn’t be in, and he knows that they’ve got to move quickly. And then all hell breaks loose.”

“[In this film], you see a more vulnerable Four,” James said. “Before, he had nothing to lose in a way until he falls in love with [Tris], and then there are stakes. But now, he’s in love with this woman so he’s more concerned about losing her and because she’s kind of this self sacrificing person, part of the storyline is him saying, ‘Your life does mean something; don’t just throw it away.’ And then with his mother, there’s lots and lots of complexity there. I didn’t want to push that too hard because I didn’t want it to be like, ‘Boohoo, poor guy with his parents.’ It is there, of course, but it’s not like you’re going to see him sobbing in the bathroom or something.”

“This film definitely takes it to the next level as far as the way that they emotionally treat the characters,” Woodley said. “It’s much darker, I would say, just because you see inside of Jeanine’s world, [and] you see inside of Tris’ mind a little bit more. Tris has a lot of dream sequences that haunt her throughout the film so I think all of those combined lead to a darker tone.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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