KpopStarz brings us a witty little article about why Theo James is deserving of his role as “Four” in Divergent. Obviously we already know this, but let’s see what KpopStarz has to stay about it! (Also I love any excuse to use this photo of Theo James!)


1. Theo does not really intend to have an acting career because he majored in Philosophy.
His acting career can be deemed as an accident for it was never really his intention to join the entertainment industry. According to him, his then girlfriend wanted to audition for Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. As a supportive boyfriend, he auditioned with her. He got accepted while her previous lady love has been rejected.
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As someone who has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Nottingam, he initially thought that he’d be successful in his chosen field: “I thought that was going to be the big thing for me, I really did. But after a while, I found it all a bit disappointing. I loved ethics, but logic was the bane of my existence. I remember one exam when I only got 10 out of 100. And no matter how much I loved Descartes, that didn’t help me.”
2. Even if a Theo James shirtless billboard in Times Square literally caused traffic accidents, he doesn’t like getting praises for his “hotness”.
Although he is thankful for getting jobs because of his looks, he hopes that his acting skills are the reason why he continuously acquires projects: “I know I often get a job because of how I look. I hope that I keep the job because of how I act.”
“I’m not going to pretend that I’m unhappy about getting all these fantastic jobs, but sometimes it bugs me when people want to interview me about my so-called ‘hotness.’ Looking or sounding or being a certain way is just your genetic disposition. You’re a human being. You can’t shed what you are,” the self-confessed Marlon Brando fan adds.
3. Theo James is of Greek-Scottish descent. He likewise looks up to his four older siblings.
His paternal grandfather was Greek but later immigrated to New Zealand. However, the James family ended up in the United Kingdom. As the youngest of five children, he grew up admiring his two brothers and two sisters. He can do several accents including British, Scottish, Australian, American, New York American, and Southern Irish.
4. Theo James has a plethora of hobbies ranging from diving to martial arts to playing the piano.
Apart from acting, he also has scuba diving certificates. He has an array of sports including rugby, basketball, and boxing. He also has a musical inclination for he knows how to play the guitar, saxophone, and piano. He used to be the lead singer of two bands named Shere Khan and Makora. Lastly, he can dance ballet, tap, and jazz. Indeed, beneath his silent persona is a talented man who can give justice to ‘Divergent’s’ courageous Tobias Eaton or Four.


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