Our man Vin Diesel has a new movie coming out this weekend, The Last Witch Hunter, and we’re so ready! Are you?!


We all know and love this muscular teddy bear form the Fast and Furious franchise, and while we secretly hope those movies never end, we also look forward to new material. (Personally Pitch Black is my favorite Diesel film)

You may have seen some heavy promo for The Last Witch Hunter, and that is perfect. We want this movie to be a success. Why you ask? Well, have you seen the trailer?

Now that I’ve gotten ‘Paint it Black’ stuck in your head for the rest of the day, I hope this trailer at least peaked your interest because this movie looks epic. And people must think it was epic since it’s already been confirmed for a sequel, which Vin Diesel confirmed at NYCC just this month.


This movie is really special to Diesel, and that is the real reason why I wanted to make this post. Vin Diesel is a hug D&D nerd and that makes me all the more excited to watch the movie that has such a Dungeons & Dragons feel to it. He actually has a character, Melkor, who is a witch hunter!

vinRecently he sat down to play D&D with Geek and Sundry and Nerdist, and it is the funnest thing ever! I know it’s slightly long, and there is a highlight reel, but I recommend watching the whole thing because it’s just lovely. Check it out:

and if that didn’t give you a Diesel fix then please, I implore you to check out this next video where Vin Diesel has Katy Perry fever and dances/lip syncs to ‘Dark Horse’… and no I am not kidding!

If these little tid bits didn’t get you excited enough to see The Last Witch Hunter this weekend then I don’t know what will. Maybe these sweet promo images? Lets not forget, there are other great actors in this film like Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) and Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), so they know how to rock a fantasy film!

The Last Witch Hunter is in theaters October 23, 2015! We’d like to hear what you think! Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter (@hashtagave) or Instagram (@hashtagave) to join the conversation.

Thanks Lionsgate for the gifs and images!

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