Shailene is pretty laid back with her makeup regime but when she glams up she is nothing but fierce!  Refinery29 broke down her look for the Met Gala with the people who helped her with her fab look.

“Everyone who knows Shailene knows how for the earth and from the earth she is,” her makeup artist, Roxy, said. “And, that’s how we envisioned it: Shailene coming out of the woods. We imagined her as this earth goddess.”


While the inspiration may seem a little out of left field, one look at Woodley’s dress and it all falls into place. Woodley took the Met Gala in a rad Rodarte number that was embellished with butterfly details. “When I first saw the dress, all I could think was how good it was for Shay,” Roxy said. “It was that goddess feeling that made it for me, like the ‘glass slipper fit’ for her.” Roxy also drew inspiration from the form of the butterfly wings. “The idea was to play into the shape for her eyeshadow — extending the shadow out to create that wing, but with elements of smoke.”


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