We love Divergent, you love it too that’s why you are reading this!  We all want to represent Divergent but we need “Divergent swag”.  You can go about it a few different ways.

1) Wait for us to do a giveaway (who knows it might be SOON)

2) Check HERE.  Veronica Roth posted on Tumblr a link to order shirts, tanks and sweatshirts for men and women and mugs etc.

3) Check out Hot Topic.  Right now its only 1 shirt but it looks awesome.


4) Hit up Etsy.com for homemade custom items.  Bitter Sweet Stores Designs has headbands with the factions on them.  You can check  them on Twitter or on Etsy.


So go on and represent your faction with pride.  Also you should check back for our next giveaway and see what other type of goodies we have in our super secret prize box.

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