IMG_9130Last week at SDCC we got the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes with the duo writing team of Christina Lauren. Known for their popular Beautiful Bastard book and series! I’ve been a big fan of these ladies since they were writing Twilight fan fiction, so I was really excited to finally get the opportunity to sit down and chat with them! I know I asked them questions that they’ve answered before but they were great sports! We are also giving away a signed copy of Dirty Rowdy Thing, the 2nd book in their Wild Seasons series! Just enter the rafflecopter below the interview! Enjoy!

“How do you know each other, How did you begin writing together?”

Christina: “SO we were both writing separate things, We were both writing fan fiction. I was writing All Human and Lo had a series that was essentially like she re-wrote Breaking Dawn (Which was SO good). She was putting on a panel at Comic Con in 2009 and she asked me to be on it, so I came out here and that was the first time we met in person and then we got along really well. A little bit later we decided to write something together for a fic competition and we wrote a story called “A Little Crazy” together and we had so much fun that we were like “let’s do this”. So we started writing something together that was really terrible and it was super angsty and at one point we were like “What are we doing?”

Lo: “We got a few chapters in and we were like I don’t want to do this”

Christina: This guy had lost his wife and his daughter and was trying to find love again and it just wasn’t us. It just wasn’t our voice.

Lo: I think because we were like “we’re going to write a book now” that we thought a book has to be serious, but that’s not really who we are and I think that’s been a nice lesson to learn a couple times. So we really do have the most fun when we’re writing these silly/sexy books

I think that’s what everyone loves so much, is that these books are relatable and what everyone wants for themselves.

Lo: Right, I think the books that do the best out there are the ones that feel the most genuine when you’re writing it, when you’re not trying to force a different voice.

So how much do you write from personal experience? Do you find that any of your characters were inspired by yourself or someone you know?

Lo: Yeah I think that a lot of the emotions and the personalities definitely come, or are cobbled together from people that we know, Conversations that we have will go into books, but in terms of like the fantasy of the relationship itself and how it plays out, You know like Bennett and Chloe, that’s not from either of our experiences, but their journey, especially post Bastard where I had more of a hand in who they became- a lot of that is just life experience, watching people. It might not be exactly how our own marriages came about but you can really learn a lot just by talking to people and having friends and observing.

You’re both married- Do your husbands read your books? How does a husband feel about his wife writing about sex?

Christina: Some of them!

They Love it! We were writing about it in fic anyway!

Lo: Well A. They know they don’t get an opinion about it, honestly they don’t, because this is what we want to do and it’s what makes us happy and they can have feelings about it and work through it, But it’s never been an issue because they were both just like “Yay! This is cool, Have fun!” And another thing, We have no foundation in this world and were never like “We’re gonna quit our jobs and try and make a go!” We never did that. We worked our jobs until we had 6 books out and at that point our husbands were like “Please quit your jobs because you have too much going on”.

Christina: So they’ve been supportive but we’ve also not made it hard for them to be supportive.

You don’t live near each other, so how do you write together?

Christina: I’m in Salt Lake City and she’s in Orange County so thanks to the amazing gifts of technology, we usually outline in person and then we draft separately. So when we outline we will split it up by either POV, or chapter or scene. Like Sweet Filthy Boy is one pov so we just sort of split that up by chapter.

How do you decide who writes what?

Christina: It just depends on us. Sometimes there is a character that the voice just comes really easily, Like there is a lot of Lo in Harlow.

Lo: But I don’t think we knew that until we started writing her, that one was one that we said well maybe you should write the dude this time. Sometimes it’s “I really think I can do this character right, let me do this one” and sometimes its her turn to write the guy my turn to write the girl.

Do you ever read each others stuff and say “Hmmm that’s not working for me?”

Christina: Of course! If we didn’t do that we would not have a good partnership That’s the trust that comes.

Lo: I know if she reads something and doesn’t like it, it’s because she wants us to have the best book possible, it’s not because she’s like “you kind of suck as a writer Lo”

Christina: Right, we wouldn’t be doing this together if we ever felt that way about each other

And do you have degrees in writing?

Christina: She has a PHD in Neuroscience!

So then what made you start writing?

Christina: Fic made me start writing I had a hysterectomy when I was 32 and I read the Twilight books and I loved them, and I can’t remember exactly how but I was recovering from surgery and somehow I ended up on a website that took me to Twilight Moms that took me to fan fiction and I was like “What is this?! What is this?!” So I didn’t start writing until later, whereas Lo has written her entire life

Lo: Just for fun, But I think what’s interesting is that I did it as a hobby and I loved it but I thought I could never do this for a living, so I have to pursue something serious, and I like science so I’ll do that. But my whole life I had been writing as a passion and science as something I want to conquer this so I think if my own kids have things that they love doing, like my son loves building legos, so I always tell him, figure out something you can do that requires building or engineering.

Right, Go after what you love!

Can you tell us anything about the Beautiful Bastard movie?

Lo: Things are going well, We have co written the script. We had an original script that was great, really great but they wanted more of OUR voice in it, so we’ve been working on that. And it’s in good hands. Things are moving forward but we can’t really say much more than that

So we’re at comic con, do you guys do any of the panels or anything? What do you fangirl over at Comic Con?

Christina: I would love to see the Walking Dead panel, but the odds of that aren’t great. Last year I got in to see Game of Thrones and we got to see Daniel Radcliffe do his presentation for Horns and it was SO so fun.

Lo: I have these screencaps of Daniel Radcliffe going through like every expression, and it’s just like 30 different Dan Radcliffe expressions.

Christina: Lo has been coming to comic con for ever, ever, this is my 6th I think but she’s been coming forever

Lo: I used to go to a lot more panels but we have so much more stuff now, so it either clashes with the stuff I want to do or I’d have to be in line. It’s also just fun to be here

Are you going to One Direction tonight?

Both: YES

Christina: And all the dreams will come true

Lo: That’s what adults do right?

One last question, since we’re at comic con, It’s the Zombie Apocalypse. You’re in it. Who is the one celebrity you would want with you?

Lo: Channing Tatum. I don’t even like him that much as an actor, I just think he would be resourceful, like oddly resourceful

Christina: I like that I’m like thinking Bear Grylls….

Lo: I think that he’s strong and macho enough to be like “lets get out there and take care of business”

Christina: And then he would just dance


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