As we move closer to the release of The Divergent Series: Insurgent exciting things are happening! One of those exciting things is that we teamed up with Lionsgate and have TWO of these awesome Divergent prize packs just waiting for you to win.

Check out what goodies you could win:

  • 1 Limited Edition Character Silhouettes
  • 1 Insurgent Final Poster
  • 1 Insurgent T-Shirt
  • 1 Google Cardboard VR Viewer
  • 1 Character Poster – Tris
  • 1 Character Poster – Four

Amazing right? 3 Insurgent posters, an Insurgent tshirt, a Google Cardboard to watch the awesome Insurgent VR Shatter Reality experience, character silhouettes, and a Divergent DVD! The only way this could be better is if Tobias Eaton was included 😉

We have 2 of these prize packs to giveaway, so be sure to enter and cross your fingers! The giveaway is open to US initiates only and will run through the opening weekend of Insurgent, giving you a chance to earn some extra points by letting us know you’re reaction to the movie! Good luck initiates <4

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14 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a Divergent Prize Pack

  1. The movie was amazing! Shai gave it her best and she showed a lot of emotion. Even though some things were changed, it worked out really well and the ending shocked me! But I was totally fine with it. Can’t wait for Allegiant

  2. At first I had mixed feelings after seeing Insurgent, but now I really enjoy it. The scene where Tris fought herself was my favorite. It teaches so much about acceptance. I think this movie is better than Divergent!

  3. So I’ve now seen the movie three times & while I love the movie, I’m a little bummed with some of the changes & minor scenes that stood out for me in the book. I was looking forward to seeing Tris on peace serum, etc. Love the action! I’ll probably see it again tonight

  4. it’s was awesome if you didn’t read the book. I liked it but it’s not my favorite. I loved the Sims, l loved the cador Sim and the truth serum scene was awesome and all the fourtris scenes made me so happy. I didn’t like most of the changes and how some of the characters that I loved in the book only get a couple of seconds on the screen. I understand that they can’t get everything in the movie but it just seemed so rushed and there was so much stuff that should have been there like no one even knew that that was Edith prior, tris great grandmother.and how everyone was so excited and wanted to go outside the fence, the only people that need to go out there is the divergents. And how the factionless and dauntless just bust in at the end, I loved the whole invasion of erudite In the book. It was just too fast. I would give it 2 out of 5. I was so dissatisfied with the ending and how everyone was so happy like did you not hear what she was saying I would of freaked out. I don’t know how they are going to do Allegiant.

  5. I honestly loved the second movie though I wasn’t super happy about some of the changes made but I got over it because it’s a movie not everything can be the same as the book. Excited for Allegent part 1 even though I know how it ends :'(

  6. I just caught the screening of Insurgent and I’m thoroughly impressed, although I’m not quite sure how I feel about the ending. I need to go back to the book and check some things, but it leaves a good “now what?!” up in the air for the next movie.