In a new interview with Popsugar, Veronica Roth talks about what inspired her to write FOUR: A Divergent Collection and her process for writing in Four’s perspective:

PS: I guess it’s evident that you’re undaunted by writing from a male’s perspective because we’re talking about Four now. So why did you pick these certain scenes from Four’s life?

VR: Well, I think when I sat down to do it, I originally just wanted to write a prequel. I knew I wanted to write about his decision to join Dauntless, which I’ve been interested in since Divergent when he reveals that it was pretty much to get away from his father. I thought that that was a very interesting choice for him to make, kind of a big “screw you” to Marcus. I thought it would be cool to write about. I had the three stories where he transitions to Dauntless pretty squared away in my mind. But the big surprise was the fourth [story] because I thought, “Oh my gosh, can I overlap with Divergent? I think I can!” That was kind of a joyful surprise, but that story was the hardest and the easiest to write. I think it’s also the longest one. I want to get as much of their relationship first starting as possible.

Veronica also discusses her recent visit to the Insurgent set in Atlanta and potentially having another cameo:

PS: Back to Insurgent, have you been to the set yet?

VR: I have! I was just there last week.

PS: Can you tell us anything about what you’ve seen on the set?

VR: I’m trying to think about what I can actually say. They were doing some of the Amity stuff while I was there, so I saw, you know, the Amity stuff! Sorry, I’m being super vague.

PS: Did you see the Amity tree?

VR: Yes, there was a tree! A very large tree. It was great. All of the sets were incredible. I think I pointed at one — I’m going to be vague and not tell you what it is — and I was like, “How did you guys find that, that’s amazing!” And they were like, “Oh, we built that.” I’m easily duped apparently.

PS: Do you know if you’re going to have a cameo in it?

VR: I don’t know yet. I was hoping to maybe demote myself to just a regular extra because the cameo thing required me to do the minimal amount of acting I can do and it was very stressful. I’m not good at it. If I could just be in the background without any focus being drawn to me at all, that would be really great. It was really fun.

Check out the rest of the interview HERE, where Veronica talks more about how she picked the scenes to write for FOUR, Uriah casting for Insurgent, and what she thought of the TFiOS film!

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